HTC Evo 3D — Depression is killing htc

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Sep 27, 2012 2:35:23 PM via App

Htc's problem is not just market issues, they act like a person who is in major depression.
Evo 3d didn't sell well as expected and became target of trolls. So what? Why don't they keep developing, updating software or even release jelly bean for it? Nokia learned it hard way: When you abandon existing brand users to "push" them to new software, they are pushed to other brands when they feel like upgrading since they lose trust to you.
No software works perfectly and they must know there are issues since they collect data (opt in). They act like a company out of business, nobody will upgrade or recommend htc if they forget older models.
I am especially concerned over GPS code (cpu overloaded) and boot process which even hits second core.

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