Ebay Mobile Vs Amazon Mobile: Which App Do You Prefer?

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Oct 12, 2012 2:59:14 PM via Website

Ebay Mobile Vs Amazon Mobile: Which App Do You Prefer?

I’ve been on this online buying/selling spree all week that’s kept me using Ebay Mobile and Amazon Mobile like crazy, and after having spent a week with using both of them all hours of the day, I started comparing them side by side. Both are popular, both offer a similar service, and both are available for Android. Which app do you prefer using?

Both apps have a lot of nice features, and both have things that really nerve me. For starters, when I use the Amazon app to search on the German market (I live in Berlin, but I’m American), the language stays in German. With the Ebay Mobile app, I can look in any country I want and the app will stay in English.

I also think that the “My Ebay” part of the Ebay Mobile app provides a much clearer overview on purchases and activity more than the Amazon app does.

Where the Amazon app shines for me is with it’s one click buying option, which makes buying and paying stupidly easy if you have the option activated. I’ve also noticed from the Kindle app that Amazon focuses more on making payments really simple from the app more than ebay does with their Ebay Mobile app.

Layout wise, I always get the feeling that both apps do a pretty good job in showing item descriptions and details.

What do you guys think? Is Ebay Mobile or Amazon Mobile the better app?
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Oct 12, 2012 5:53:44 PM via App

I honestly never tried ebay. I go on an shopping spree on amazon occasionally and do a lot of window shopping there. Mostly checking out gadgets and reading reviews. I'd typically build up a substantial wish list and purchase it all every so often. That way I cut down on shipping costs. I live in the Ph and have my items shipped to a forwarding address in the US and they in turn consolidate my stuff and ship it to me here.

Luckily for me Eric, since I only use the US site, no language problems for me. My only peeve is I hope they give the mobile app access to comments on the reviews and ratings. As well as a way to filter the ratings amd read the corresponding reviews like on tje website.

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