Lighten your smart phone with oncoming xCloud 3.2.0

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Oct 26, 2012 12:25:55 PM via Website

As Steve Jobs takes us into an electronics rooted world filling with iMac, iPod, iPhone ect., we found our way of life has been changed a lot. He makes those high-end electronic products affordable for us common people. Therefore, we feel more and more depend on those electronics products, especially the smart phones.
As we enjoy ourselves so much in the smart age; meanwhile, the overwhelmingly-coming apps and games make our smart phones so “fat” that we always have a feeling of needing. It’s hard to amplify the size of our phone or give away some apps or games that we feel so necessary.
However, xCloud will show you another alternative to lighten your smart phone in the following three ways.

Firstly, xCloud amplifies your storage of smart phone by connecting your phone to your personal computer. xCloud adopts P2P secure tunnel for data transferring. Instead of providing you any actual extra storage space, xCloud plays as a connection between your PC and phone, thus turning your PC into a personal cloud storage. In other words, xCloud amplifies your phone space to the hard disk of your PC.

Secondly, if you still doubt the capacility of your PC, xCloud even helps to provide even wider place by connecting Synology NAS devices. xCloud fully supports for Synolgy NAS devices since xCloud version 3.0.0. xCloud enables you to access your Synology anytime and anywhere without professional settings. All you need is to login to xCloud on both mobile client and Synology client simultaneously and enjoy uploading or downloading photos, music, videos or other files at will. With powerful Synology, what more will you expect?

Finally, one xCloud equals several apps on your smart phone. According to the plan, the upcoming version, xCloud version 3.2.0 will be able to share files with micro blog (Sina weibo and Tencent weibo in China) and Twitter, Facebook etc.. Besides, another newly-added AP function is going to kicking your ass. With this function, your Synology or PC will be a router for your sake. In this way, you needn’t install another sharing apps and more.

In sum, with xCloud, your smart phone is definitely going to lose weigh and get lighter and healthier.

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Nov 8, 2012 3:29:31 AM via Website

xCloud 3.2.0 is now available on Google Play!

What’s new:
☆ Improves the stability of transmission and connectivity
☆ Beautifies the visual experience
☆ Sharing photos with others available

Basic functions:
☆ Remote access anytime anywhere Remote access your PC with mobiles via Internet securely. No limitation on file format nor file size in transmission.
☆ Instant Uploads Once snap a photo, you can upload it instantly. With 3rd-party cameras photographing supported, newly-taken photos can be uploaded to your PC automatically.
☆ Rapid Transmission Within the same WiFi network, transfer speed can be up to 10MB/s which equals to a 100M network cables does.
☆ Privacy & Security Upload data to PC directly without 3-rd party engaged in, thus keeping your personal files private and secure.
☆ Remote Wake PC over Internet* Switch your PC on/off remotely by a simple click whenever necessary*. (For detailed settings, please refer to “Help” on official web site.)
☆ xCloud neighbor In some circumstances, when there were no Internet connection on WiFi or even no WiFi signal, xCloud will still work though switching to AP mode or finding neighbors.
☆ Support for Synology NAS devices The latest version of xCloud supports for Synology NAS devices.
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Dec 4, 2012 6:05:03 AM via Website

When my computer crashed, I lost everything - including my photos. Because of the mobile sync feature, I was able to recover lost memories.