Samsung Galaxy S3 — "Not registered on network" + stuck in Factory Mode ON - no solution works

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May 25, 2014, 5:07:24 AM via Website

Can someone please help..I am new to this. You buy a phone thinking your gonna get a new phone? Gaxaly S3 (At&t) running off straight talk. I turn the phone on it has 4G then in 5 minutes drops to " G" then a few more minutes drops to "E" it will stay in "E" for awhile but if you go under ABOUT PHONE it says Mobile network type "Edge" but at times it will say "Not Connected" then MOBILE NETWORK STATE will say disconnected..I have not done anything to the phone...Just get it set my APN for Straight talk. How I found out the phone was not new was I called samsung to tech shoot it and they told me the warranty was expired. Nice surprise after spending 324.00 ....Anyways it seems to be working except for it being in "E" all the time and I can't send text ot anything..I am ready to cry...I would never spend that much money for a Used phone...From the things I see it is scary that someone may have owned this phone and tried to do stuff and messed it up and took it back then ME know nothing about phone get it and now they- Place I bought it from" Are saying it is my network provider. ..Please now I am stuck with a phone that I never got to use..

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May 26, 2014, 8:21:49 AM via Website

@teresa that is just so sad :'( well, why don't you return it back to the place where you purchased it from? I am sure if the warranty is expired device is behaving insanely then I am sure after a while It will stop working. Just to to the place where you get the device from and throw it over to the place where you get it, I am sure you might be having the documents to claim that they have sell you a bad :devil: device.


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