Britain Darts 3D

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The new game!!! Real 3D.
The first dart 3D on Android. In this game you will be competing with many enemies. You will visit different places and try to play a different game darts.
The game contains both the classic darts 501, and "all five", "round" and "big round". In this game you will not be bored, because games take place at different locations.
In the game you have to earn the money he took part in the competitions.
In Game 2 of the form in the left column of weak opponents on the right strong.
Brief rules:
Standard target divided into twenty numbered sections, usually black and white, each assigned a number from 1 to 20. In the center is a "bull's eye" (English bullseye), which is estimated to hit 50 points, surrounded by a green ring around it (25 points). The outer thin ring means a doubling of the number of sectors, the inner thin ring means triple the number of sectors. Both the outer and inner rings are narrow traditionally colored in red and green.
Dart hit the outer ring outside the narrow points does not work. If the dart does not remain in the target after being thrown, it also does not make points. Usually points are counted after the player throws three darts. After that, the transition to the other player.
The best possible result three shots - 180 points (if the player gets all three darts into the inner thin ring sector 20).
Each side in the game starts from the account 301 (option 501). The method of keeping score to subtract the resulting number of points from the remaining, until one player reaches 0. Finish the game a must throw in the "doubling" or "bullseye" target, so that the resulting number of points has reduced the score to zero ("apple" is counted as a double 25).
If you throw a dart given more points than needed to complete the game a zero (or results due to one), all shots current approach does not count, and the count remains the same as it was before a series of shots that led due to the sorting or one.
Each game in 301 is called "LEG". Five "legov" total "set" (the game is up to three victories in the "legah"). The ultimate winner is the one who has won a specified number of "sets".
In all the major tournaments played in the initial version of the game with a score in the 501. The minimum number of darts needed for the game - 9. Depending on the type and format of the tournament is different - both sets, and to a certain number of won Legs, without division into sets.
Rules of the game are reduced to turn to hit the sector from the 1st to the 20th, then the "doubling" and "tripling" of the 20th sector, and complete the game hitting the "apple" of the target. If a series of throws all three darts reach goals (eg, 1, 2, 3, or 12, 13, 14, etc.), to throw the game continues its top priority. Scoring a field sector is all its area, including rings "doubling" and "tripling of" account.
The winner is the first player to hit the "apple."
Large round
The game is played by sector from "1" to "20", including the "center" (green ring or "Bull"). The goal of each player in one shot (3 shots) hit its current sector the maximum number of times. Considered getting only the current sector. Upon entering a zone doubling or tripling of the sector, points, respectively, doubled or tripled. The winner is the player with the most points.
All five
In series of three darts players strive to get as a multiple of 5. Series of throws that gave the number is not a multiple of 5, does not count. The number 5 is worth 1 point, 10 - 2 points 50 - 10 points, etc.
The winner is the first person to score 51 points.
In the game, the rule "bust."
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