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Jan 14, 2013 5:15:51 AM via Website

Stop wasting your time and money on “get rich quick" Internet schemes!

If you’re like me, you’ve tried a ton of programs, products, automated systems that cost you $37, $67 or $97 a piece – or more… only to find out that you either had to be a major geek to make it work, or that you had to spend more money to get the “whole package?” Have you almost given up on the whole making money online thing? But you know, like I did, deep down that it could work given the right tools and environment? You just had to find something that put all of the pieces together. Recently, I found a great program that really works. I am so excited! I found a completely legitimate business opportunity out there that has a realistic plan and approach. This programs was built by professionals and is surrounded with experts! It is so refreshing to have everything spelled out for you in a way that made sense. This is brilliant. Something you don't want to miss! Its called ilivingapp. Very creative idea with a backbone marketing plan. The ilivingApp itself, is an app that delivers powerful daily motivational and inspirational quotes, videos and other self-development material. iLivingApp has a $10/month subscription to its users, which makes it possible to earn money! With a subscription plan , leaves room for a compensation plan on new referrals. Essentially, this is a program designed to help the less than average computer users, and marketers. Some people may refer to this as a "pyramid" scheme, but i can assure you its not! And the reason I say that, is because there's spill over, which makes it a FORCED matrix. In a pyramid, YOU have to get DIRECT referrals to profit, and that can be a hassle as you have to get every single referral yourself. However, a 3x7 forced matrix - referrals get sent on down the line, to help out those who cannot seem to get 1 referral! And that way it works is this

You can only get 3 DIRECT referrals, which is where they get the name "3x7" There's 7 levels of the "tree" starting with number 1, being your direct referrals. Essentially, you'd refer 3 people, who intern referred 3 people, which also referred 3 people. But with this 3x7 idea, ANY referral you get AFTER the 3rd direct, gets sent down to them! So lets say You recruit Joe, Tom, and Adam. Joe has his first 3 signups that same day, followed by Tom who also has 3 signups. Unfortunately for Adam, he only managed to obtain 2 referrals. That spill over i was talking about goes as such: Adams sponsor (yourself) has already got your 3 referrals, so lets say you get ONE more who signs up. That referral will then get passed on down the line and fill Adams last slot! BAM! Your 3 referrals now have their 3 referrals and you're on your way! Now this doesn't only happen from the sponsor above, you, rather comes from EVERYONE above you all the way to the top! And whos on top? The developers! Those are the true masters, the pros in Network Marketing - those who get hundreds of signups a day! Those who are most dedicated to promote THEIR product. If you've understood this completely, you should now see the MAJOR potential to grow and earn with ilivingapp! Which leads me back to saying this program is for the newbies to average computer users! Profit from little to no work, just patients for spillover from the top!! Of course there are incentives for those who really want to utilize the compensation matrix. Just like anything else in life - the more you work the more you earn. There's Matching Bonus compensation plans for those of you who feel like you can refer many new signups!

Check it out at
Respond to add if you have ANY questions - I'm here to help!

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