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We all have long been accustomed to the turmoil in the post office - lots of parcels and letters waiting for their addressees. But it is close to imposible to imagine what is going on at the delivery service of the clumsy monsters that even don’t want to sit in their boxes.
Once again they are in an extraordinary mess, all parcels are mixed and it is quite impossible to bring back the order again. That is why your help is urgently needed, otherwise they won’t be able to handle everything themselves.
You’ll be one of the employees of the parcel delivery service who will be in charge of bringing order and sorting the packages for them to be delivered on time to the recipients. You’ll need to work persistently and hard to bring back from chaos all 5 depots. Use logic and think cafully over your actions, only then you’ll be able to suceed on all levels.
Monster Mail is a mix of arcade and puzzle where you’ll find a huge variety of vivid levels, from simple to very complex ones, requiring your maximum concentration. The games proves that with the right approach, even such chores can be a fun and interesting adventure.
During the game many obstacles and pitfalls can both help and hinder you from solving problems. But you can do the management task only by destroying some blocks . The blocks differ not only by color but also by their own characteristics, for example, some blocks spring, others cannot be destroyed. This gives the game variety, alluring you for a long time. With each new level your tasks will only become more and more complicated, requiring you to use all your mental powers. The game will make you stay alert as you have to press the correct sequence of keystrokes on the right items at the right time, and be beware of dynamics and physics of various items, bombings and all sorts of jelly-like material!
The game captures by its originality, and you want to get to the end and not to retreat even in the most challenging levels! By the way, each level has great design, vivid and luscious graphics, well thought user interface and crafted animation, in addition to good music, everything has the touch of one style.The ultimate goal of each level is to throw bizarre monsters into the box and send it to the owner. But under no circumstances let the monsters fall to the floor or worse, let stuck between a set of boxes and disappear from the view. Then the parcel will never be delivered to its addressee and you’ll need to repeat the whole procedure of packing again.
You will be presented with 15 levels in the free version of the game. In the regular version one has to go through 85 interesting and diverse areas.

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