How to get NFC in HTC HD2 (and every other Android device with microSD)?

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Jan 16, 2013 12:15:29 PM via Website

Hello everybody,

my girlfriend just got her new Xperia Sola, which is supporting NFC (near field control). Easily said, putting her phone into the car, it automatically activades Bluetooth speaker, Navigation software and GPS. When she arrives at work, it switches off ringtone, switches on vibration instead and shows automatically the calendar...
Pretty cool, because she doesn't need any button click to do all this, just lies it next to one of her smart tags.

Now to my question: How do get this to my HD2? Until now nearly everything on my good old phone was possible, so I hope somebody can help me to get this, too.

If You know where to get I would be glad! I also would like to know, if there is anything to change in my OS (installing special driver or so)

I am searching for a solution, where I (if I take a microSD card) still have at least 8GB (better 16GB or more) external memory and which is not too expensive (the Xperia Sola You get for 180€, so I wouldn't buy such a micro SD card for 80€ just to get NFC)

Thank You already very much for Your help, any suggestions are welcome (except: "Why do You need NFC?")

What I already found out:

NFC you can (theoretically) get if you buy a special micro SD card (means memory plus NFC chip). Unfortunately, I didn't find any useful offer on ebay or via websearch (I found hundreds of different articles which say "just buy such a card", but only one seller: Moneto. And this one is no one which is usable for me). Other companies are Certgate or Netcom (China), but both don't sell microSD cards via website...

There is also said, its possible to get this on a SIM card, but I am not sure, if this is working without changing my telephone contract.

My phone data:

HTC HD2 with Android 4.1.1
Kernel: 2.6.32-ics_tytung_HWA_r3.3_JB
securecrt@debianlnxvm #1
Mod: Evervolv-Perdo-3.0.0-Nightly-20120925
Build: ev_passion-eng 4.1.1 JRO03L eng..20120925.044745

Actually, this should be working with every Android phone, which supports microSD - thats why I decided to post it here instead of posting it under "HD2"...