HELP.....CAN'T ACTIVATE Wi-Fi ADB on xda rooted Nook Tablet

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Jan 18, 2013 4:14:46 AM via Website

CAN'T ACTIVATE Wi-Fi ADB on xda rooted Nook Tablet
Help, I am a new member to the forum (and have read the rules and searched for an answer on here and goggle).
But haven't found any answers or leads and I don't understand the workings of rooting well enough to solve my issue....

The details:
*Nook Tablet rooted with CyanogenMod 7 on internal memory (not from an SD card)

*Have not had any issues with the tablet until earlier this week when the wifi became "inactive".

*from the wireless and network settings screen I check the Wi-Fi box and get 'connecting'.
All the networks show up but all are "not in range". ( My home and local restaurant are strong and working on the other devices.)
Connecting turns to 'disconnected' after a minute or so.

In the task bar on the bottom of the screen the gray "bug/android icon" is present.
When I open the notifications box, under "Ongoing" is 'Wi-Fi ADB Inactive. Touch to activate.

I touch and it opens up a screen with the wi-fi 'bug' icon and reads ' ADB over WiFi WiFi not Connected Turn on.
Nothing happens when I touch this screen, just figured I give it shot and see.....

but back in the notifications box is the 4barred white cone (best I can describe it) with the fine green line under it, also on the this section of screen is the blue tooth, location, and sound (on /off) icons. I touch to turn on the wifi cone and the green lines brightens. Good right?? but nothing is happening to connect to the networks. They remain 'out of range'.

I checked the Superuser and Wi-Fi is allowed.

I thank you in advance or any assistance on this issue.