Google Galaxy Nexus — Nexus4 body case defect reported

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Mar 24, 2013 7:44:54 AM via Website

Dear Nexus4 user,

I recently got my nexus4 in Feb, and just wondering does anyone has the same issue ?
Before I start my story, just want briefly tell you guys the status of my nexus4 : I am waiting my " 4th " replacement of Nexus4 within 30 days!!! WTF ....:( Which I felt like is kind of silly, but....

Well.... anyway, Here is the story,
Everything begins with the rattle sound which I believe everyone knows this issue that nexus4 have. But it was my the first time to buy the google phone, so I called them for the explanation of this sound. It turned out they thought that was a quite issue and was not supposed to be there; therefore they decided to sent the replacement.
Anyway the rattle sound is not the point, The real point is when I got the first replacement I soon realized that unusual feature( two tiny bumps) on the body case and is right located above those two screws and here is the picture

So I called them again, they sent me 2nd replacement which I noticed that had exact same problem as the first replacement ,,, So I called them again, as expected the 3rd replacement also had the same issue..... So I am waiting for their respond for resolve this issue,

Well of course , the overall function is pretty good just the case defect is really bothering me.... I don' think I am too picky right ? or maybe a little bit, but once you notice this issue is really hard to ignore the scratchy feel when holding the phone

So I am guessing either I am just toooooo LUCKY to get those defected Nexus4 or The quality control of the Whole Production Line has the problem ..
Which I don't know and neither does the Google support team !!

And I am also a little bit surprise that they told me I am the first one who encounter this issue...:O
Also, the funny thing is that they told me I could keep file the replacement as long as I have this problem and under the warranty :unsure:

Can you guys check your Nexus 4 if you bought it within the end of Feb to March ?
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Apr 11, 2013 8:40:28 PM via Website

Did you know that the newer batches of Nexus 4 shipped with those little bumps manufactured? It's for the protection of the glass surfaces. The only thing that seems odd to me is that the Google people you talked with sent you a replacement instead of saying yeah, part of the design. Your picture looks like what I've seen in the newest of these phones.
My Nexus 4 is pre-bump, and I love it to death. It works beautifully, I've encountered no flaws, and the battery life is a thing of beauty.