Factory Reset your Samsung Galaxy S3

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Feb 9, 2014 8:24:46 AM via Website

I tried to do the factory resetting thing just a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, the problem is still there. I still can't open apps.. should i do hard reset? Or will it be the same? Please reply. We would really appreciate every advice. :)
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Feb 9, 2014 1:22:25 PM via Website

Hi Mr. Administrator,
I did hard reset my Galaxy S3 (Going to recovery mode, wipe out data, and then reboot the system). However, it gets back to the flashing Samsung page, and stuck there.
Originally, I updated my phone. While installing the updates it got stuck on the Samsung screen. I tried hard reset, no improvement though. What should I do?

So many thanks for your help.
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Feb 10, 2014 5:14:34 PM via Website

Dear Admin, please you really have to help me on this one please... This is what happened, I did factory rest on my samsumg galaxy S3 but I made a few mistake because I did not remove the memory card. During the factory set, it got to a stage and it reboot and I clicked on reboot and after the phone rebooted it was only showing samsung home page and did not go from them. I removed the memory card and I also removed the battery and I put the battery back again and restarted the phone, but the phone still remain on the samsung home page only.. It can't go beyond there and I dont know what to do, please direct me...
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Feb 11, 2014 12:11:33 AM via Website

Hi @Regina, a factory reset could help your app crash issues, but it's not guaranteed. The S3 problems were fairly consistent but everyone seemed to get a slightly different problem recipe, so the solutions were equally as individual. A factory reset couldn't hurt, so long as you back everything up first. I would suggest the apps I mentioned above to back up your data and apps, and then copy all of your contacts and pictures etc to your computer just to be sure, then do a factory reset, or, if you're comfortable, follow the hardware button combinations to do a hard reset and wipe your cache partitions etc as well. Let me know if you have any issues.

@Najme and @Jay, if you get stuck on a bootloop, just connect to Odin and reflash stock firmware again. Then once you reboot after that you should be able to do another factory reset and then restore all your apps and data from backup.

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Feb 18, 2014 12:11:04 AM via Website

My Samsung S3 when hooked to computer doesnt recognise the device which it used to before. So now I cant transfer any photos/videos and save them. I have been doing google back up. When I go to factory reset, it says all data from google may be deleted. After the factory reset - all I care is my photos and videos being safe on google backup. Please tell me is it ok to factory reset? Thks
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Feb 18, 2014 8:41:50 PM via Website

I just got a an old samsung galaxy S3 phone back, after it has been gone for almost a year. Only the phone with no cards and i dont even remember the slide code on the screen. What can i do to solve that problem, ? Is not possible to delete all files on the phone from a computer and upload new files withc are factory standard?
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Feb 19, 2014 6:13:58 AM via Website

Hi I did the reset by pressing the home, power down key, and power button and am stuck on a downloading screen...what next?
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Feb 20, 2014 8:15:13 PM via Website

Bro whatever you do not update your s3 because its a dubai version and update of android will not work and about your problem search on youtube or check androidpit
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Feb 23, 2014 5:00:05 PM via Website

Hi Kris , i have a problem , i can get sms from my girlfriend , but if i sent to him a message she dont get him why ? , i fi call him it's ok , but she dont get my messages why?
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Feb 24, 2014 1:30:23 PM via Website

Hi Admin,

I just did a "Factory Data Reset" on my s3, and it went into the bootloop that you're talking about. But does it take long?!?!? Because it's been stuck on "T-Mobile 4G LTE" for a long time now. Then I even tried the Hard Reset, but it did the same thing. Please help asap. I don't know what to do. And I'm sorry, what is Odin?
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Feb 24, 2014 4:45:42 PM via Website

Hi Kris,

I just have a quick question for you. I did a factory reset on my girlfriends Galaxy S3, thinking she backed up her pictures or save them to her sd card. But of course she didn't and now I deleted over 700 memories for her. And she is pretty upset with me. So I was just wondering if the pictures might still be on the phone or if there was any way i can get them back? please get back to me as soon as possible, the balance of my relationship depends on it. no pressure.

Thanks in advanced for your help.

Paul Cano

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Mar 12, 2014 7:58:29 AM via Website

hey i just did a hard factory restore and i was wondering how long does this take and can you reply to asap cause im in very big trouble.
if there is a way to make it run fast can you tell me. PLEASE
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Mar 19, 2014 3:51:11 PM via Website

Hello. I'm Gabriel

I have a Galaxy S 3 and I just did the Factory Reset , First by backing up my data, but when the phone was rebooting the screen just froze in the Samsung logo , its just endlessly glowing and I've also tried the hard Factory Reset by pushing the Volume up button , powerbutton and home , and the same result. Before this , the phone was working fine , I was just trying to Unlock it to use another sim card , Do you have any Idea what could cause this or how do I fix it ?

Thank you
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Mar 20, 2014 3:31:14 PM via Website

Dude! Bad move @Paul! Sorry I missed this post - I hope you're still together. As long as you haven't saved anything else onto the phone you have a 99% chance of getting everything back. Just use some recovery software like the ones listed in this article: www.androidpit.com/how-to-recover-lost-data

Best of luck!

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Mar 21, 2014 3:53:05 AM via Website

I reset my phone, but it went turn back on. Did I do something wrong? What do I do to get it to turn back on? Thanks for the help.
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Mar 22, 2014 7:50:51 AM via Website

I have a problem of my Samsung mega. My S planner missing root. I'm not able to open the main screen cause the system keep says that my S planner force to close. The main screen was 'hang' and I'm no able to fix back my problems. But my number pad is able to open and I know a way to format my hphone with key in the number (*#xxx*#) but I don't know the code... can you please help me ?
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Mar 25, 2014 10:37:47 PM via Website

Hey I have a galaxy s3 the screen is broken is it possible I could reset it to factory data without using the screen
Thank you
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Apr 2, 2014 7:48:38 PM via Website

I had a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I could not boot up past the initial screen. In fact the phone kept turning off and restarting. It sounds very much like this boot loop. I tried a hard reset, and I got the image of the little Android and the spinning matrix, but it wouldn't even boot up the reset screen. Again it turned off and tried to turn on again (and again). Is there any way to get beyond this?
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Apr 2, 2014 7:52:08 PM via Website

Your constant advice is to "connect to Odin" to solve bootloop problems but I can't find out how to do that. Can you direct me to the procedure?