How to Know Your Battery Is Dying without A Multimeter

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Sep 16, 2013 4:45:22 AM via Website

Cell phone batteries sometimes "die" and need to be replaced with a new one. NiMH batteries die slowly so that the cell phone users can get the warning, while Li-Ion batteries seem to fail in a short time. Do you know when to replace your cell phone battery? Below are the most common symptoms that give us warning to replace the battery.-_-

1. The cell phone battery is swollen. It means that some of the materials in the battery have changed. They may affect the function of the battery. If you don’t replace it, the possibility of fire or explosion may come true.:(

2. The battery case is broken. In such a circumstance, the liquid in the battery may flow out and pollute your cell phone. At that time, not only your battery can not work but also your cell phone can not serve you.:smug:

3. A clear sign that your cell phone battery may be dying is that it can no longer hold a charge for long. The amount of time your cell phone battery holds a charge depends on how frequently you use it, and what you use it for. If the battery can hold a charge for only an hour or so with limited use, you’d better say goodbye to it.8o

4. A significant decrease in talk time and standby time between charging cycles also implies that your cell phone battery is in its old age and it will die soon.:(

5. The battery gets hotter than normal when it is charged or when it is used in your cell phone. The reason why you must throw it away is that there are risks of it such as fire and explosion.:(