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Oct 1, 2013 12:17:00 PM via Website

Hey guys, before I say anything, I'm new. Also, I apologize if there's already something that deals with my issue,but I didn't see it. So, here goes...
I recently downloaded jellyblast v3 for my GT-S5300, and it worked, though the ROM was actually a port from GT-S5360I...I think. After the install, I tried installing Punch Quest, and it didn't work. The main reason I went for the custom ROM is hoping I'd be able to install Punch Quest, but It still didn't work. There's a buncha others too, like Major Mayhem, but Punch Quest was the main ish.
I saw on a YouTube video that stuff like this helps you install high-end games. I was skeptical, but willing to try. I've gotten about 8 different versions of Punch Quest, and maybe 2 of Major Mayhem, none of them work. All the websites I got the apks from said it could run on my device, and the less specific ones said 2.3+. I'm running 2.3.6, and some other 2.3+ required apks work. Just hoping someone can find a fix for this. My build number's JELLYBLAST V3, Kernel version is official.cori@androide #84, Baseband version S5300XXLF5, Android version 4.1.1, after the custom ROM, 2.3.6 before it, you know, if any of this helps.
If this is the wrong place to put this, PLEASE don't remove or delete it, I'm new here, and have no idea where to drop it. Thanks in advance!
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Oct 23, 2013 8:58:38 PM via Website

If your hardware or Android OS is incompatible, you're out of luck. Unfortunately, that's often the case. I've found that even major developers like banks and credit card apps have some device incompatibilities. Hardly anything would work on my HP Slatebook x2, for example. I can't say why your app is not working, but odds are it's not fixable if you've tried all the options you've listed.

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