How to remove old devices from Google Play device list

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Feb 27, 2017 2:33:20 PM via Website

I alrady know this but thanks for the refresh!

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Mar 27, 2017 11:06:35 AM via Website

Thanks for the information.. But did u Know How I remove a Google account from my Android Device? please replay i m waiting..!!

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Apr 12, 2017 5:07:18 AM via Website

hey i have a question about the old devices. on my list it shows an old phone as still active though it isn't supposed to be. how is this possible. it shows it as having telus as a provider. any insight would be appreciated.

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Apr 20, 2017 12:46:18 PM via Website

To remove devices from your account:

Use your phone's browser to go to Sign in - Google Accounts.
In the "Sign-in & security" section, touch Device activity & notification.
In the "Recently used devices" section, touch Review devices.
Touch the device you want to remove > Remove.

Libby Mia

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May 22, 2017 11:22:38 AM via Website

I don't change my device frequently. And there is not many devices under my account. Thanks for sharing, it is very useful!

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May 22, 2017 2:32:32 PM via Website

it's great but Not understandable for the beginners. Try to suggest some simple method

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Aug 1, 2017 12:12:50 AM via Website

Thanks for sharing it.

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Aug 1, 2017 3:15:51 AM via Website

Yeah , to detelete everything ,we need a eraser tool to do that .

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Aug 4, 2017 9:01:52 AM via Website

Great post, thank for sharing, i like it :)

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Sep 20, 2017 12:44:51 PM via Website

You can't remove them, but you can hide them: settings
Unchecked visibility for any you don't use.

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Aug 14, 2018 10:27:23 PM via Website

Hello , you can go to the Google Play store from your computer's Web browser, click on the gear icon at the top-right-hand corner of the screen, and select the Settings option. You will be brought to a page titled "My Devices," which lists all the smartphones and tablets you have registered to your Google account

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Aug 17, 2018 8:59:02 AM via Website

Jennifer Grey

You can't remove them, but you can hide them: settings
Unchecked visibility for any you don't use.

I agree with you .


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