HELP! A game in development (prototype) required your feedback / input!

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Nov 4, 2013 3:04:30 PM via Website

Hi all,

It is our first time posting so our apologies in advance if we have done something wrong. I am a developer at Wonderstruck. We are based in the United Kingdom. We are developing a new stealth game and we need your feedback on this game to see if we have core game mechanics right before we invest anymore of our time into this.

For the last few months here at Wonderstruck, we've been working hard on Project: Strongroom - a fast paced, arcade stealth game that focuses on luring enemies out of your path instead of killing them or sitting still and waiting for them to look the other way.

You play as a world renowned art thief, relying on your wits (and cool gadgets) to evade and bewilder the guards between you and your prizes. In this game, you’re a Thief, not a Thug. All your obstacles will be avoided or manipulated, not murdered.

It's a whitebox Prototype, meaning the graphics are BLOCKY and all in-game assets are ALL PLACEHOLDERS, but we’re really excited about the gameplay and would love to know what you guys thought.

Here are images of how it could look like in the future.

As the game is still very early in development, for you to download the game, you will first need to click the link below to become a member of Strongroom Development Group.!forum/strongroomdevelopment

There is an instruction on how you will be able to download the game there. Sorry, it appears that for games that are in development, Google wants beta testers to join a Google Group before downloading the game.

If there are things you like or hate about it, please let us know by clicking on the feedback link included in the Strongroom Development Group. There is a known issue where the performance on Nexus 7 is poor. We hope to fix this very soon.

We hope you enjoy it, and thanks for helping us make this game better!

Thank you.