I accept the no ads - I'm not a developer or salesfolk - but I perceive a grey area.

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Jan 9, 2014 7:42:56 PM via Website

If someone has a problem that can be prevented and fixed by an app and it's not freeware, I have no financial interest in it or its components, does that appear to moderators and administrators as advertising? Often though there is a freeware, and that may lead folk to a paidware version or alternatives.

I am not associated with any app or product in the Android world with any financial ties, save as customer. Even some apps I bought for previous phones I dont use on present phone because it's as close to pure Android as one can get. I've voided and unvoided and voided my software warranty so the functions are simple and often automated. I have a list in my brain of necessary apps, am I forbidden to name them if they're paidware. I don't like ads so I buy apps, avoid apps with ads and no paid version without ads, and I love open source apps free without ads. I donate to creators of the last happily.

I am 71 and all this is scifi for me. What's Buck Rogers' email address?

Computers of my youth too big to fit in a pocket; they filled a room and had less power than my phone.

My session expired. I have to learn to type faster. Okay, a another adjustment to modern fast life.

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