Help with my App i made for my website

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Feb 16, 2014 3:00:21 AM via Website

im new to android development and app development all together so for starters i decided to use a online app builder :)
i used *admin edit: links are forbidden*

now when i tried to install the apk it wont intall it just fails i have used the playstore installer and android package installer and both my android devices are rooted, but how can install it, i also have a decompiled apk to if recompiling is required

also i have heard if you put an app on the play store a without charging any money to download theres no developer fees?? if its true could u set me on the right track (im not going to include ads etc) if not is there another way to install it via the playstore but not actually stored on the play store like a cloud or another host ( i have my own host for my web)

Aswell what are android apps created in like what language? i know the are created using Java and also C++ and i know a little on Both but are there other languages and say if i created a java app in netbeans how can i convert it to an apk

Thanks in Advance


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Pascal P.
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Feb 19, 2014 5:21:01 PM via Website

for building applications with NetBeans in Java you have to install the android SDK.
Read this tutorial:
With little expirience in Java you might have Problems with the programming language, in this case you can read a Java book or look for a programming guide in the Internet.

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