Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — How to Stop KitKat Update ....

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Jun 15, 2014, 6:12:56 PM via Website



Just Disable "Software Update" from settings.
Setting > Application manager > All apps > "Software update" click " Disable".
Then click "Force Stop" and clear Cache , Data.

I do this, but the Force Stop and Stop buttons are grayed out, so I can't do anything.

Did you tried clearing cache and data?

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Jun 18, 2014, 7:55:10 PM via Website

Theres a number of things you could do. You could saferoot your device and go into it through adb and do

adb shell "su -c am force-stop com.motorola.blur.updater"
adb shell "su -c pm disable com.motorola.blur.updater"

all that does is supress the update so its not going to annoy you anymore. If you accidently updated to KK you can download the stock firmware online and erase your boot, system and flash stock onto it. If you just want to keep root just update your phone to KK and download geohot towelroot its the easiest thing, and motopoc if you wanna unlock your bootloader

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Jun 18, 2014, 8:12:53 PM via Website

We don't want it updated because updates do not help anything..
they merely change the way you were used to the phone.

why does kkitkait now change the colors on the notification bar to white?
I've been looking at colored icons for a year...and they decided they wanted to change the look of my phone.
don't they anything better to do?

Why I get in my car, I like where my speedometer and gages are...I like the color...
I don't want to get in the car every day and find that Volvo has decided to put my speedometer on the other side....or change its color..

leave shit the way it was. Updates should be for fixing things that didn't work....not for changing my screen after I have become used to it

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Jun 28, 2014, 2:01:30 AM via Website

Gwen Miller

I can pretty well understand why someone doesn't want the kitkat update, I don't want it either. But why did you download it in the first place?
Everybody behaves as if kitkat was the best Android version ever. I have got far too much data on my galaxy s3 to be able to deal with an Android version that doesn't allow you to use your external sd card. It seems to me that most users use very little memory. What's the use of a smartphone with which you can only choose between four or five of the apps you can get, because you have a device with which you can either use google maps or play a game or take photos instead of being able to do anything you want. Thus I am quite happy with jelly bean (4.3).

My Samsung Note3 with KitKat allows me to transfer all of my apps to the SD card, as long as the app has that capability, as does my s3, so it should not be an issue with any of the Galaxy devices that are eligible for the KitKat update, although I do believe that KitKat 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 may be another story, but not 4.4.2.

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Jul 4, 2014, 1:17:43 AM via Website

My way stopped the update and notifications for my droid M. Go to apps and disable motorola services. If you dont have motorola find a comparable app in your system to try out.

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Oct 13, 2014, 9:17:18 PM via Website

Been working on this a while. First: root the phone. There are ways to do this,

go into the running applications and find the source of this stuff, it's either or both 'software update' and 'security policy update' ...force close them, wipe their process, whatever you can do ... this is probably temporary.

Next for the permanent stuff

1st method (froze my phone): is from qbking77 (google it) and a file 'CF-Auto-Root-hltespr-hltespr-smn900p.tar' contained in a zip file including a newer version of Odin3 v3 or something like that. This got me stuck. But maybe I forgot a step (like enable usb debugging)

2nd method (worked for me after first method froze my phone) using an older version of Odin3 v1.85 with a file CF-Auto-Root-hlte-hltexx-smn9005.tar
The latter worked for me after the former got me stuck. You can try the first and see if it's a go ... because phones can be a tad different. If you get stuck do the 2nd method same procedure and you're fine.

Now that you're root (have some guts and root, it's worth it)

Get titanium back up and freeze the process "software update". You can even look at the details of the file and find the name of it and where it is. I didn't delete, I just froze it to be safe. Also freeze "security policy update". This is probably making the phone secure from you being able to do what you want.

Get esfile explorer with root add on for the following ...More steps, in addition to this .. which may be exessive ...(but hey, I want to be vigilant about stopping that 4.4 software from locking down all my freedoms)

HOW TO] Disable OTA Update (G-Note 3) Notifications!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The user lordazoroth originally posted this method here in the T-Mobile SGSIII forum. However, I have confirmed that it works with the Note 3 (at least with the Verizon variant) with one small difference. Feel free to give us both a "THANKS" if this helped you out.

You can disable the OTA Update notification by following the steps below. Just be aware that there is a small change in STEP #3.

Step 1. Delete the update located in /cache/fota/ (may be /data/fota) and then click the update notification prompt to install it, it will instantly fail and the notification will disappear. (My phone rebooted and tried to install the update - this is the point where my Note 3 gave the update failed notification. I just rebooted the phone and went to STEP #2.)
Step 2. Disable located in /etc/security by renaming it to
Step 3. Disable FotaClient.apk and FWUpgrade.apk by renaming with .bak extensions located in /system/app/
Step 4. Reboot

(NOTE: The difference in STEP #3 for the Galaxy Note 3 is that the [FotaClient.apk] is named [LocalFotaClient.apk] instead of just [FotaClient.apk]. All of the other steps are the same.

Continue running JB 4.3 and enjoy your Note 3 without that nagging update notification!

I'm not an expert, but I do know that when they updated my note 2 with all this kitkrap they messed up my stuff. Power user no more. Couldn't move files, couldn't even get picture messages on gosms. I had a really tough time rooting it back and re-installing whompasaurus.

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Jan 8, 2015, 1:32:16 AM via Website

Is there a way to get rid of the Update File which I already downloaded to my Note 3, before it Automatically Updates
Help .... !!!!!

Going back to the main question of the post, I have found out how to do it and I'm sharing it because it was the bane of my life for a few days. having automatically downloaded and filled my device with a 501mb file there was no space to complete the installation, so it perpetually tried to update and clogged my internal drive. Now gone. I downloaded ES File Explorer, used the search function to look for "update" in desperation. I found a compressed file exactly the same size as what the update software kept telling me was the size of the file it couldn't install. DELETE!

I ruined a previous phone by updating to ICE so I'm not making the same mistake again.

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Jan 26, 2015, 7:58:22 PM via Website

"Just Disable "Software Update" from settings.
Setting > Application manager > All apps > "Software update" click " Disable".
Then click "Force Stop" and clear Cache , Data."

My Note 3 doesn't have "Software update" ... I have "Samsung Updates". Is that it? and when I clicked clear data on that it said "All of this applications data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files and settings, accounts and data bases etc." I was afraid to continue without advice.

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