4 Pics 1 Word - solutions for levels 181 to 200

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Aug 22, 2014 1:09:56 PM via Website

181: Home
home base on baseball field, house, couple holding outline of house, baseball bat
182: Choice
devil and angel, white arrows pointing in different directions, girl deciding between fruit, green check mark
183: Sleep
head on laptop computer, sleeping baby, dog sleeping in bed, woman sleeping in a field of grass
184: Hit
gold record, fighting, girl in red dress singing on stage with microphone and spotlight, car crash
185: Produce
factory, fruits and vegetables, heart of vegetables, factory building
186: Overkill
hammer, electrical outlet, power strip, plugs, girl with glue, street signs
187: Charm
four leaf clover, model, piggy bank and red die, girl with blond hair
188: Ace
serving on tennis court, tennis ball on fire, black clubs, hand of aces, cards
189: Rule
dictator action figure, man pointing, unfair!, dog with ruler in its mouth
190: Burnout
matches, one burned, man with head on desk, motorcycle, bike, asleep on books, binders, studying
191: Capture
handcuffs, camera, photographer, handcuffed arms, hands, house trap with cheese
192: Clutch
gold purse, bag, clutch of car, group of people, boy holding onto leg
193: Perform
operating in surgery, person on stage in costume in front of red curtain, scientist in a lab doing an experiment, woman in red dress singing on stage with spotlight and microphone
194: Grain
wood, hourglass sand, whole grains, salt
195: Torch
monster with fire torch, shadow of man running holding torch, wood on fire, match lit with flame
196: Receiver
girl holding gift box with present in red bow, red telephone, black cable box, football player catching ball
197: Ram
animal with horns, car crash, a ram, computer chip
198: Capital
letter b, white house, eiffel tower, news
199: Score
green pencil cartoon , musical notes, sheet, stone carvings, basketball hoop
200: Load
girl holding box blowing hair out of face, blue hourglass, car trunk, loading a gun, rifle