Straight Talk MMS issue resolved

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May 29, 2016 4:06:09 PM via Website

Thank you! And yes all I changed was the APN type and it's working perfectly!

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Jun 15, 2016 5:27:42 AM via Website

I have a Note 3 and have been with st for almost a year. MMS has worked fine until today. Any suggestions to fix the problem?

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Jun 15, 2016 5:30:58 AM via Website

Is the information in parenthesis also to be included in the MMSC. And also for the APN type are all those nametobe entered as such or just one of them?

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Sep 10, 2016 7:14:04 PM via Website

I have a galaxy s5 ,tried other apns that didn't work,this solved my problems, thx so much.

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Oct 24, 2016 4:16:54 PM via Website

So i used the info that ST gave me, and it did not work, even though it does work on my friends phone and it is the same as mine. Your setting worked. Thank You so very much...

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Dec 20, 2016 8:51:23 PM via Website

OMG Thank you so much!!!! I have been trying to get my phone back since I had to reset it a month ago. I have visited so many sites even straight talk themselves to no avail, and a lot of frustration. Came across you on search and you made my day. The only thing I reset was the APN TYPE and as you said that was all I had to do. You are wonderful, great, and woohoo glad you posted your fix. I can now send pics of my newly fostered rats, lol bet you're happy to hear you helped for that haha. Thank you again, have a wonderful day, I know I will.

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Aug 11, 2017 5:21:26 PM via Website

I just want to thank you for posting this. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 active, just changed from ATT to Straight Talk. The APN settings gave me a headache, then I found your post.
Same thing could not send or receive pictures. It was the APN type and maybe the Multimedia message proxy. These settings work great and you are also right about straight talk they did nothing but confuse me more.

Easily confused;)

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Jan 8, 2018 11:04:10 PM via Website

Thank god for your post! I have a SG NOTE 4 and I transferred my service to it on Black Friday to a new sim card. At first it all worked perfect. For 1 day! Then all service reverted back to my old sim and phone. I called straight talk and it took 2 days to get my note 4 working again. But now this time MMS dI'd not work. I was just about to give up until I tried this and IT WORKED!!! DATA , MMS, AND SERVICE ALL WORKS! And faster too!!! This has been on going since November 24th 2017. The only thing straight talk failed to do with me was give the correct APN Type. How hard is it for then to relay correct information! Seriously! If it wasn't for this post they would have lost yet another member! Thank you tremendously!!