Win a year-long subscription to Parallels Access Remote desktop app (worth 20$)

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Loie Favre
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Oct 14, 2014, 5:04:25 PM via Website

Hey guys!

We have our latest competition here for you!

You can win a year-long subscription to one of the best remote desktop apps on the market which is normally worth 20 dollars. It works for both Android and Apple (PC, MAC, Android smartphone, tablets, and iPad, iPhone).

What is Parallels Access?

  • access to all of your full-featured Mac and PC apps with touch gestures right from any mobile device
  • can be used with Wi-Fi or even a slow 3G network, you can rely on this app 24/7.


How does it work?

  • Start Parallels Access on your phone and gain direct and secure access to your PC.
  • browse through the hard drive. retrieve any file, picture, or document.
  • Just press the copy button and open!
  • edit the document (it now fits to the screen size of your device)

You can find full instructions and links on the Parallels website.

How to I win?

To be able to win a subscription, tell us about a time when your mobile device came in really handy and how it helped you. You must answer here in the forum to qualify. The competition will run for 2 weeks. You will then be randomly chosen (however your chances are augmented the more you participate in the forum).

Contest rules

  • This competition starts on October 14th, and ends October 31st.
  • The prize is as stated and there are no cash alternatives.
  • There is no restriction on the number of entries you can make.
  • Winners will be notified via private message and the prize will be sent out within a week of notification.

Good luck!

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Oct 15, 2014, 9:49:16 AM via Website

Have been looking for smartphone that really smart since 2007; which I can use to online, watch movies, listen to music, editing or viewing documents, reading, taking pictures, etc. Not until in 2011 when I got my first Sony Xperia X10i and since then I stick to Android till now.Now I can kill my time when I accompany my wife to shopping mall...:)

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Oct 15, 2014, 1:54:41 PM via Website

About 3 weeks ago, I was on an express way just going on a long drive alone. I was in a very erratic mood and forgot carrying my purse. India isnt really safe for anyone and especially for girls. Still I took off late evening wanting to get out of some mess and landed in some other mess. I saw a car being hit by a truck and it looked as if it was done in a planned way. Anyway, keeping my assumptions aside (thats what I thought) I pulled over, took the first aid box in my car and rushed to help the injured guy in the car that was hit. I was trying to call a toll free number for ambulance services to come and help but the guy passed away before I could do anything.

Scared, I didnt know what to do and called the police station nearby for help and offering myself as a witness if required in future. While I was waiting for the police to arrive, I suddenly had a knife on my throat literally from a guy standing behind and I was almost very sure that that day was gonna be my last.

I remembered downloading an application called vith u awhile ago and i crossed my fingers and pressed the power button twice acting as if my hand got sprained and clicked the button on the phone in my pant. So it sent my location details to all my emergency contacts and kept shooting it every 2 mins. I was withheld by the goons for witnessing the murder and I made up my mind that it was my last day.

Thank God and Thanks to the Mobile phone technology, they soon traced me out and rescued me. I dont know what I would have done or what would have happened to me if my mobile didnt come in handy to help me. Now I never go out without my pepper spray key chain and a mobile !

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Oct 17, 2014, 1:51:58 AM via Website

Nothing exciting but I carry my Med list on my phone so every time I have to go to the doctors office I don't have to try and remember what all I've got. It's just there. I do that with lots of information. Handy and use it all the time.

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Oct 27, 2014, 3:38:45 PM via Website

A few years ago, my girlfriend and I were going to Detroit to see an Interpol concert because we missed the opportunity to see them in Chicago. Neither one of us drive so we took the amtrak train there. Upon arriving we had no idea where we were at and how to get to the hotel we had reserved for the night. No taxis passed by our train stop so we had no way of getting to our room. I pulled out my phone and used Google maps to locate where we were and what direction we should head. Then I remembered that I got an email about there being a shuttle service that we could take from our stop to the hotel. I searched my Gmail account and clicked the number for the service. The line was busy. So here we are in Detroit, no service to the hotel and we're hungry as hell. I looked up taxi numbers in Chrome and found a local company there. My battery was on its last leg at about 4% (Motorola Triumph Virgin Mobile) and I quickly called a cab. Soon as they were dispatching the taxi out my phone died. My heart sank wondering if they were going to send one or not. Within a few minutes a taxi arrives to pick us up. Not only do we get dropped off at the hotel, but the best restaurant in town was just a block away. We checked in, ate and went to the concert a few blocks away. Very enjoyable night. Oh and if you haven't been, go to the Motown Museum at least once in your life.

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Oct 27, 2014, 5:47:55 PM via Website

Well there were many times where my Note 2 and later 3 helped me out aside from the "everywhere is my TV/cinema" business, I also use it quite often use it to directly access my PC for some documents and whatever, I think that the Parallels access app will be quite intresting, since it idescripted to optimize the content for the screen size, which will be quuite nice, since mirrorong a 20 inch screen on a 5.7 inch one is quite something to do without some very special tools without either having a tiny font or losing much of your content (well it is just off screen, but it is not nice having to look where what is and everything...

MFG/Regards My1

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Oct 27, 2014, 6:06:04 PM via App

Thanks to apps that makes what my think, it helps me scanning documents, do wireless printing, offline navigation system, reading news with e magazine, mailing my necessities, shopping online, editing photos and documents, video chatting with distance neighbours, remotely access to most devices with IR blaster, surfing net, and wirelessly connecting with my multi computer system and a lot that I can't even imagine without...

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Oct 28, 2014, 9:46:18 AM via Website

I use my phone to find directions when I am in unfamiliar territory. It's been a great tool on more than one occasion.

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Oct 28, 2014, 9:48:48 AM via Website

oh yeah me 2.

I am very bad in finding something often even in my hometown, and aside from asking other ppl I only have my phone and GMaps or Navigator (btw offline maps for free)

MFG/Regards My1

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Oct 30, 2014, 2:38:03 AM via Website

My son can communicate with me via messanger using his ipod to my Galaxy 3, The phone has multi use from getting me out of the traffic jam, or why there is one in the first place, to navigating the unfamiliar territory. I can get my daughter to search the computer, screen shot the info I need and then message the picture through.

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Oct 30, 2014, 2:48:43 AM via Website

My phone saved me when my car battery died and I needed it to call for roadside assistance ... not overly exciting, but it worked when I needed it and this is an honest answer .. I wouldn't mind using Parallels to access my computer remotely, thanks :D


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