Age of strategy

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May 10, 2016 1:30:43 AM via Website

Fun game, great 8bit graphics, and excellent gameplay with hundreds of units. Love it

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May 15, 2016 7:05:50 PM via Website

Hours of fun both online and alone. Each race is vastly different and I still can't decide my favourite. I think there are not enough maps for gems, there's only 5 or so I can't do but it leaves a lot of upgrading I can't get. A bit annoying that you don't know which upgrade tree to spend on to get a certain unit. (I can't find red dragon).but it updates often so I never get bored!A couple of the campaigns are full of spelling mistakes but you still know what is going on. There needs to be a section in the help for all the spells. I have played this game for a while and still don't know how to summon skeleton dragon or green dragon or what forest walk does. There have been some campaign games where some of your units start in a rock or something so you can't use them. If also one game I started with many graveyards but my race was set to human so I couldn't actually summon anything from them.

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Oct 7, 2016 5:43:08 PM via Website

Age of Strategy is one of the best free games I've ever played. I'm surprised it's free to begin with its really addicting and fun. I give it 6 out of 5 stars.

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Oct 10, 2016 5:10:39 PM via Website

need to try!

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Apr 17, 2017 2:10:49 PM via Website

Great game , im playing this game for hours but u didn't even notice it because it is very challenging and many adventure i recommend this app for those who love war games

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Apr 24, 2017 5:49:49 PM via Website

This is quite an interesting game. Love the art!

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Aug 18, 2017 7:54:59 PM via Website

I agree! I've been playing this for a couple months now and i still have a great amount of content to discover! The gem system is also very good, being that you don't have to pay to get all the gems you need! I feel this gives great incentive to keep playing and the unlockables keep the game fresh and new.

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Jan 13, 2018 9:35:36 PM via Website

Age of strategy is a very well built, complex game. The game has a very exciting campsite. It's great to play multiplayer. It is a potential game and deserves 10 stars. I can not wait for the following updates.