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Jul 17, 2015, 1:25:12 AM via Website

My new app SafeTalk is truly a revolutionary messaging app. It's a "low-permissions messenger" which is something that has not existed until now on Android (or on any smartphone).

If you care about privacy you should read on. If not, don't bother.

SafeTalk has only 7 permissions so your data is safe. (WhatsApp, for instance, has 34 permissions having access to practically everything on the phone.) We accomplish this difference by transporting multimedia objects without having the permission to read your contacts, pictures, etc on your phone.

SafeTalk allows you to be totally anonymous (if you want to be). No other messaging app on the market allows that.

SafeTalk messages are untraceable and are never written to a server. Hillary Clinton would love SafeTalk. It's truly messaging without a trace.

SafeTalk was built around end-to-end encryption. With the other messengers it was an add on afterthought. WhatsApp still doesn't encrypt all their messages.

This is new. SafeTalk will automatically translate messages to another language. So SafeTalk correspondents don't have to speak the same language.

To see it and read our documentation PDF, just type safetalk into Google Play.

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