Newest update for S5 I dont want to update

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Jul 18, 2015 5:09:56 PM via Website

I dont want to update my Samsung s5 verizon phone to the newest operating system. Last update about 6 months ago and now I keep getting the request to update again. I think its lollipop update and I am reading how. So many are unhappy with it that I just want to try it at all. Please help me as the message comes up everday and I also want to confirm that if I dont do it nothing will change for me

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Jul 19, 2015 7:19:51 AM via Website

I got the same message on my Verizon S5 too about a week or so ago. I took the plunge because I've been thru He!! and back again with my incredible Galaxy S5 that Lollipop has virtually ruined... so I figured wth, I'm gonna do it, because it will not go away, it WILL keep notifying you about the update. I see no change, What. So. Ever. Neither good nor bad, and guess what? No change on the 5.0! It didn't update to the 5.1.1 or the 5.0.2 or any of the numbers that everyone else is updating to. Still says 5.0, and the only numbers that did change was the IMEI and build version numbers. Went from (last four digits) BOC4 to something I cannot remember, I'd check it for you, but I'm on my Galaxy Tab right now... phone is charging, as that is where it now stays 50% of the time. (Thanks to Lollipop).

I researched the update a little bit and could not find any answers, that made any sense and that was AFTER I had already updated, but like I said I've not noticed any major changes, (lightbulb) OH WAIT! There was one change which I did notice and that was the way we now use "Interruptions". That's it, as far as I know. (angry)

It's your decision, and my model is the SM-G900V, if that helps you any... I think all Verizon S5 Model numbers are the G900V, but I could be wrong about that.

Good Luck with whatever you decide to do and I hope I've helped ya a Lil bit.. ;) Believe me, I know exactly how you feel about the Lollipop situation, makes me cRaZy! (silly)

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Jul 19, 2015 10:19:42 PM via Website

Thanks PamelaMichael,

I was hoping someone would answer. I am just going to keep ignoring it. I have a great battery life and I love my phone, I just hate these updates. Lots of people said they had shorter battery life after uploading the new version AND also had larger icons (no bigger for me), but lost some of the other options (again nothing big),BUT I also saw someone say that if you wanted to keep some of the older apps and get rid of their newer ones (that happen to be perm ones), you had to do alot of fixing on the set up...UGH...I am not a techy so I will just keep ignoring the update reminder.
If you find out something else, PLEASE let me know and again thanks for responding...I don't feel so alone about his techy stuff :)

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Jul 20, 2015 9:48:33 AM via Website

Wow, Maxine! First off, you are not alone (hug) and YOU let me know more than even I could find out, that's awesome (cool) and I'm not quite a full blown techie, per say, I'm working my way up the ranks, tho in smartphones only. I know a good bit more about computers than the average Sally, Dick & Jane but only by default, bcz the hubby is a partner in his own IT biz, and has been in that field for over 17 years. So it's easy to just listen, and catch on, ha! (nerd) Besides, it is finally the Generation of the Geek and I'm proud to have my Geeky hubby to help me out, but most impressive is my gorgeous, part geek, part gamer and full on musician son, now that's dangerous!!! He gets called by many of my very large family's Gen X-ers and above generations to fix their computers, networks, printers, blah-dah, blah, blah, blah, it's getting ridunkulous, actually. That's why I love these sites and I've learned so much just by reading and talking with incredible peeps, such as you! I couldn't do without AndroidPit (of course!), Drippler - one of my favs, Phandroid, Xda, Androidayos and DroidGuy. There are more, but for me those are my top six, and if ya check them out daily as your having coffee or on a work break or whatever, you'll be learning in no time at all! Of course, living in a Geek Fam my entire married life 18 years helps too. honorable mention of Android Authority and Techlicious sorry guys... lol

So, about the update, that sounds way more complicated than the one I am describing above, a bit confused about old apps, and I didn't get larger icons for sure, that's just something that I'd have noticed. And OH, I think, Hmmm, that they are talking about ROOTING your phone or using coms to take out unnecessary apps that came with the device but, if you don't mind let me know what your model number is and your IMEI and the last 4 digits of your build version. I'd like to see if we're talking about the same update. I'll check back in the late morning, as my sleep is so messed up right now... personal family fights over Mama's Will/Estate.... ugh (angry)

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