Your experiences with the Casino X App

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Aug 21, 2015, 8:26:15 PM via Website

Hi Everyone!

Starting this thread for a place to voice our opinions on the Casino X app.

I've chatted via game with many and seems replies from Admin are all
"canned" if you will - they do not listen to issues or fix them etc.

Hoping if enough users posts here, then Casino X Admin will listen.



Susan I.A. J.

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Aug 24, 2015, 9:52:56 PM via Website

Played this game for over 200 days straight and the games were great and met some awesome people, BUT Casino X started all these updates and within a 24 hour period me and MANY of my friends started losing and lost several million chips very fast. We reported this and basically got blown off. This is NOT normal loses. I've played long enough to know normal loses and had no problem buying chips when I needed them. Then I checked the site where I downloaded the GAME and found all these new posts saying how great the game is and how much fun it is. It AMAZES me they are all dated after numerous complaints and updates!!! I can find another game that doesn't ROB you after updates.

Wanda McphersonM MSusan I.jonny Moua

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Aug 25, 2015, 6:22:05 PM via Website

Wow I bought there 1600 diamond 4 100 bucks n didn't win anything at all lost so badly. .when I got my feedback from Casino x was better luck on my

Wanda McphersonM MSusan I.A. J.

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Aug 26, 2015, 10:19:07 PM via Website

Casino X is a joke,been on the app for almost 3yrs,it used to be great,now that they have gotten greedy,the payouts are small,if you win at all,bonuses fail most of the time,the game glitches Every time I do win,so I lose my wins,the app has constant issues with everything,feedbacks a joke,Every time I have an issue they blame it on my WiFi or my device ,TIRED OF BEING RIPPED OFF,Lost over 8mil due to glitches,game freezing then closing,I WANT COMPENSATION,NOT EXCUSES, IM (,LVL 100),HOPE THIS HELPS,IT SAYS FREE TO PLAY,but it really isn't because you have to purchase just to be able to play,because the game rips you off,the daily bonus spin is ALSO A JOKE,Tired of getting 500,put diamonds on there so we can all play the good slots,take the 500 off,another thing,the offers to earn chips are ALL BOGUS,Just another way to get All our info,COME ON CASINO X, WAKE UP &STOP RIPPING US OFF!..

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M MSusan I.Joshua SaundersA. J.

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Aug 27, 2015, 5:14:07 AM via Website

I am tired of having to spend real money and not win the bonuses suck and no jackpot what so ever I mean get four bonus symbols and it's like oh we will pay you 100,000 just for the hell of it I play this for two years and hit one jackpot can't hit big can't even get enough to play my mom has the same problem we spent a lot of money on this app but no more I'm tired of being a passionate player and the same people hit big and win the same jackpots it's not fair at all I'm tired of this bs!!

Wanda McphersonM MSusan I.A. J.

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Aug 27, 2015, 7:29:19 AM via Website

Here is the comment that I can best identify myself with. Hope you can find some insight.
Source: please google "casino X review" then read the article from the website "askGamblers".

Several days ago I was searching for some new casino, where I can take advantage of some good welcome bonus and didn't even know that Casino X was listed here at AskGamblers site. So browsing the net I found that AskGamblers site has that casino. Really don't now why they didn't list all their welcome bonuses, because I think they have great ones, just because their welcome bonus of 15 - 20 $ or euros you get 500% match bonus and the wagering is also fair, I think it was X 30 the bonus and deposit made.
By the site I saw i can say this are Russian Microgaming casino, with 4 other sister sites as JoyCasino, Casinomix, FrankCasino, Poker Dom and they all look identical. But I guess the difference between them, only 2 of this casino will welcome you with the great 500% first deposit bonus.
At first I couldn't verify my email address but after talking to chat support I fixed that and about live support, the same guy operates both Casinos, Joy Casino Casino X, but the only remark I have, they need their live support to be more fluent in English, because the explanation I was getting, I need a translator or translate my self.
The deposit bonus is not automatic and on top of that you get 10 free spins on Starburst slot, but the only thing I didn't like, when you make your deposit you need to go to cashier again and in the gifts section, you need to activated those 2 small circles, which 1 of them is for the free spins and the other one is for the match bonus, well they could make that automatically.
So I only deposited 10 euros here and I was having 60 to play. I liked that they had my favorite slot Cool Wolf, but Wolfie only once gave me the free spins feature which I got around 120 euros, but spent them pretty fast, just because Wolfie was giving me all dead spins, no wilds no nothing. I played here maybe 20 minutes and that was it. I may deposit here again, because their second deposit bonus is 100% match. Nice casino,didn't read anything bad about them, except for the payment, I read it needs 3 day via e-wallet and I think that pretty long period.

Good Luck!

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A. J.Susan I.

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Sep 9, 2015, 7:48:35 PM via Website

Hello im wrinting about my experience with playing casino x. I hav been a daily loyal player for almost a yr. I starting buying diamonds soon after becus it took so long to collect chips to play. I cud buy a $ 100 worth and win some and lose some but play for some time on those chips. At least a week. And i was hitting pretty nice reels on a regular basis and seeing many ppl win. Made lots of good ppl. But recently since laste update every time i play i lose all i hav in minutes. I tried other games in casino tried betting differently. Also i had noticed a complete change in how the reels rolled in the game. It was obvious when it glitched and flipped one or 2 reels an extra flip at the end it was avoiding a payout. Or when the reels wud just spin extra long which is happening ALOT lately and again to avoid win. And i recently hav noticed when i buy chips i cant keep them for even a day. Some might say maybe i was not cautious or bet too high. Ive played long enuf to kn once i had spun several times at watever bet the game wud pay. Always something and i hav spun one night i counted. 52 spins with not one chip given back. I bought 200 to 500 dollars a month in chips and i hav been left with loss after loss with no explanation of why the game has gotten so freedy. And istead of a sale once in a while. They give u watever special they want and u hav 30 minutes to puchase or sale is gone. Another way to hook ppl into purchase. The gifts they charge u to send to friend cost rediculous amounts so ppl hav resorted to emoji art . Rather than buying thier gifts.. also i feel i deserve compensation. And refunded some money. I feel i hav been basically robbed when i wxpect t play same game as i been playing but insteaf im playing a game the glitches, crashes constantly, soesnt pay u back for bonuses. Doesnt pay proper amt owed at times. And the game is spinning terribly. Our society is tuff enough and economy hardships r too. We dont need a game to rob us of our fun and take our money without giving back proper entertainment ive sent multiple feedbacks with no response. This game in my opinion has went from 4 to 5 star to zero in last 2 or 3 months. Ty for reading.

Wanda McphersonMelissa MillerA. J.M MSusan I.

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Sep 9, 2015, 8:54:07 PM via Website

I'm not sure if this msg will leave a new post in the thread or if it goes with the individual's comment, but I can't find anything but "reply". I don't use android devices - not sure if that has anything to do with it. And thanks for staring this discussion. It's ridiculous what the app people get away with. Grant it, it is our personal choice to proceed and play but I feel it's in a way fraud when you sign up playing one way and the app people change it later to benefit them even more and put the royal screws to the players! I'll save my discussion until I see where this comment posts. Thanks!

Wanda McphersonMelissa MillerM MA. J.

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Sep 9, 2015, 11:27:22 PM via Website

I am writing again bc Casino X is not doing anything to fix any problems we send feedback. I have been losing more chips than ever after updates and the game freezing multiple times in a hour. The normal response we get and that's if we get one is: it is our device or internet. I have had both checked out and the techs both told me it is Casino X App. is the problem. I have read all the post on here and there are lots more like the porn and nasty communication. This app. is rated teen and it is far from any teen app. should be. I wouldn't want my teen to have men send pics of their penises and send nasty remarks. If they want a dating or porn site go there and get out of this game! Also they send different specials every day but different people get different amounts. But they claim it's random and fair. WRONG! I played for a long time and know what normal was until the app started the updates and we patrons all started getting ripped off and WE ARE TIRED OF IT!!!

Melissa MillerM M

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Oct 7, 2016, 12:07:56 PM via Website

Clubhouse X is a joke,been on the application for right around 3yrs,it used to be great,now that they have gotten greedy,the payouts are small,if you win at all,bonuses fall flat the vast majority of the time,the amusement glitches Every time I do win,so I lose my wins,the application has steady issues with everything,feedbacks a joke,Every time I have an issue they point the finger at it on my WiFi or my gadget ,TIRED OF BEING RIPPED OFF,Lost more than 8mil because of glitches,game solidifying then closing,I WANT COMPENSATION,NOT EXCUSES, IM (,LVL 100),HOPE THIS HELPS,IT SAYS FREE TO PLAY,but it truly isn't on the grounds that you need to buy just to have the capacity to play,because the diversion tears you off,the day by day reward twist is ALSO A JOKE,Tired of getting 500,put jewels on there so we would all be able to play the great slots,take the 500 off,another thing,the offers to gain chips are ALL BOGUS,Just another approach to get All our info,COME ON CASINO X, WAKE UP &STOP RIPPING US OFF!..

Melissa Miller

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Jan 12, 2017, 7:33:36 PM via Website

I have played the game Casino X for over 3 years and bought $400.00 a month in chips and diamonds. I must not of been one of the few that have won billions in chips. I have had numerous problems with bonuses that didn't pay, seen total nude pictures of women for days and heard horrible stories of people who play the game all day and have even lost their children due to commitment to the game competitions to win. I have heard rumors of our money going to China. No responsibility of lost bonuses or rigged game from Casino X hosts or developers.

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May 24, 2019, 9:29:28 AM via Website

The last time I've played Casino X they had €2 000 welcome bonus with a minimum deposit €500. It was one of the most generous propositions I saw at the market. However, I did not win, but my losses were not substantial also.

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Oct 11, 2019, 8:46:57 PM via Website

Hello! For me, the age of the casino itself also matters, the percentage of payouts. It is also important for me who is the developer of the software, the availability of convenient methods of depositing and withdrawing funds. Do you think that all these criteria are taken into account when making the rating, in which special attention is paid to the feedback of the players? Any user can leave a review and put some points, and after verification, this information will be published on the site? Or I understand that in the wrong way?