Islamic Android Application - Quran with Urdu Translation

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Sep 17, 2015, 7:18:33 AM via Website

Reading the Quran is now more convenient than ever. Install this great app to have the Holy Quran in the palm of your hands and thus handy with you at all times. In addition to having it handy, the app also sports some great features that assist you in your Quran reading/reciting practice.

Download Quran With Urdu Translation - Android

*• Translation*
For better understanding of Allah’s message, refer to the translation this app offers in various languages with Urdu as the default. You can select the English translation from a choice of six different versions.

• Bookmarks
Tap and hold any ayah (verse) of any chapter to share it with your friends or set it as a bookmark so you can continue your progress later.

• Editable font size and style
Swipe right to access the settings and select the Arabic font size according to your wish, you can select it from a choice of three styles. The font size can also be changed to a great extent for users who face difficulty in reading small text.

• Stop signs and Sajdah points
There are 14 sajdah points scattered across the Quran. You can view them all as a list in the settings page. Similarly there are many stop/pause signs as diacritic marks; you can learn their usage and the proper way of pronunciation from the same settings page.

• Search bar
Search directly for a surah instead of scrolling down by tapping on the search bar. The search bar appears upon opening the app above the lists of surah names. Thus, save scrolling time for yourself.

• Transliteration
Enable/disable transliteration which will help you in knowing the proper pronunciation of every Quranic word thus avoiding some major common mistakes you might make.

• Audio recitation
Tap on the play button that appears at the bottom of the verses of a surah to hear the audio recitation of that surah from a renowned Qari. It also gives you the choice of downloading audio for the entire Quran or for that particular surah thus going easy on your phone’s memory.

• Daily notifications
Get daily notifications for reading various surahs of the Quran often beneficial for that specific day such as reading Surah Al-Kahf on a Friday.

Give this Quranic app a try and benefit from its conciseness and user friendly UI thus enhancing your quran reading experience.

Junaid Q.

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learning the Holy Quran is accessory thing on every Muslim

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Read And Learn Quran With Tajweed is Necessary For All Muslims

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Thank you for sharing and I discuss Islamic info donate to sadaqah jariyah all life for Build a Masjid Minar Project

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MashaAllah. May Allah grant you His reward (Ameen)