Really Want a New Phone

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Jan 28, 2016 6:45:39 PM via Website

Hi,I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy S3, with MetroPcs as a carrier, and the phone is a T-mobile phone.I think that the phone isn't very bad for such an older model of the Galaxy series, but I know for a fact that I am stuck with KitKat 4.3 with no hope of an upgrade and I would love to get a newer model , but have some things that are preventing me from being able to right now ,and I am very frustrated by this .I don't have very good credit at the moment , so buying one that way is out of the question ,and my only income is from SSD, and I don't make enough to cover all my bills and expenses every month ,and also purchase a pretty expensive phone .I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way that I could get a newer model Galaxy, or maybe a different , but decent other type of phone , that isn't as expensive as a brand new one , like maybe a refurbished one from a reputable place, or if I could work out a payment plan with a place that doesn't require you to have excellent credit. Thanks .

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Jan 31, 2016 5:43:53 PM via Website

And what about other brand ? Motorola and Lenovo have really cheap and powerful phones, you can buy it under 100-130 EUR, what is your budget ?

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Feb 2, 2016 8:43:44 PM via Website

Probably wouldn't be able to afford more than $200 US. And I really would like to have more than 2 G of Ram, and 16 G of Rom. But I don't think there's anything available with that type of thing that wouldn't cost a lot more than $200.I also really like Samsung Galaxy phones , but I don't want one that doesn't have an SdCard option , or a non-removable battery.

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Feb 29, 2016 12:21:00 AM via Website

Hi Vicky. The Galaxy S3 is still an awesome phone and regarded by many as still better than even the S5. Right now you can go to Boost and get a new S3 for around $100. I'm with Boost myself and have the S3 (my phone has Android 4.4.2). You can start out with the $60 a month plan, which is unlimited everything (that includes data, too). They have other deals available on their website for new customers. You should check them out.

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Mar 1, 2016 5:25:11 PM via Website

The huawei honor 5x is an excellent choice. It has flagship specs (64 bit processor, 5.5 inch 2650 x1780 resolution all metal chassis) and running android marshmellow. All that at a budget price of 100$. You can find it on the site or amazon as well. Hope you find this helpful.

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Mar 5, 2016 12:48:32 PM via Website

Thanks for replying. But I'm not sure about switching to Boost, because I already have unlimited talk, text, and data with MetroPcs for $60 per month, most of which I probably don't even need. I have said before that I already have the S3, but I have a lot of apps, which I know take up a lot of space and can really use up the battery, so I'm constantly trying to get rid of the ones that are absolutely unnecessary, but can't do much about the bloatware unless I root the phone. I also have way too many pictures, wallpapers,quotes,memes,screenshots,etc.,and I know that all of these are using up my RAM.But the thought of just how long it will take to get rid of the things I do not really need is appalling to me.. I have started to get rid of some stuff, but have only scratched the surface and I don't know how to delete picasa pictures. Anyway, this is why I really would like a phone with more memory and storage capacity. Oh,and the Boost mobile plans where I live barely give you any data for a good price.

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Mar 5, 2016 1:04:05 PM via Website

OK, so the first reply to clarify was to Doug's suggestion. This one is to Russlee. Thank you also for the suggestion to my dilemma. It sounds like the Huawei Honor 5 X would be nice if it has a 64 bit processer, as well as the other things you mentioned. Just to make sure though, that means that it's capable of holding more memory than the S3, right? I admit that I am still learning the differences between RAM, ROM, and other technical things related to computing. And I know that of course 64 bits will handle more than 32.For example, my phone says in the settings that I supposedly have a lot of room for storage, but hardly any RAM left, and I am not really sure what the difference is between the two. Anyway, even though I have grown kind of attached to my Samsung Galaxy, I will look at the Huawei, and see what I think. Oh, and I forgot to thank the first person to respond to my comment, so thanks to you too for your suggestions ,Mr. "Deactivated. "LMAO. Love your name, BTW.

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Mar 5, 2016 2:40:03 PM via Website

RAM (Randon access memory) is the amount of memory your phone has to operate your apps and programs and the android system UI. The higher thre RAM the quicker your phone will access apps and how many you can run in the background without slowing your phone down too horribly, ROM (read only memory) (storage). most decent phones start out with about 16 gig and have a sd card option to add more storage, however some phones have issues recognizing sd cards. However the huawie honor 5x has now gone up to 199 dollars, the 99 dollar deal was like the first few days. (sorry for that mis representation). However you stated that you had about 200 to spend, it's still a phenomenal deal. Good luck

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Mar 6, 2016 1:54:12 AM via Website

You could always transfer some of your files from the phone to your PC. That way you could free up your phone storage and not have to spend any money on a new phone. I use ES File Explorer to transfer files to my PC. It works really well and the app is free.

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Mar 6, 2016 3:15:03 AM via Website

If you used a cloud storage like drop box or google drive or even one drive you could have your phone back up all your stuff to the cloud. Way easier way than tethering a cable to and from computer all the time. One other thing your confusing RAM and Rom. Ram is the amount of memory which it takes to actually run your programs, apps, system apps, all the things you actively do on your phone, and how many apps which will run in the background before your phone gets horridly slow. ROM is the actual storage of your phone, how many pics,how much music and of course how many apps you can install before you run out of room. You should be running a task manager ,(like cm or an equivalent) to help you close apps that are running in the background that are eating up your precious RAM

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Mar 6, 2016 6:17:10 PM via Website

I highly recommend the Asus Zenfone 2, it's a great phone and I use the 4gb RAM version. The 2gb RAM version is 200 bucks which I encourage you to buy

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Mar 8, 2016 1:35:55 PM via Website

I looked up the Huawei Honor 5 X on their website and it shows that there is only one device called "Honor, " and that was a laptop. Some of their phone names for example were: Mate 7 and 8,G 8,Mate S, and Nexus P, which all seemed like great phones but I'm guessing from the tech. specs and features are pretty expensive. Anyway, thank you for clearing up the difference between ram and rom.

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Mar 8, 2016 1:41:50 PM via Website

I have both Dropbox and Google Drive, but I already have my stuff backed up to my laptop BTW. What I know I have to do is delete a lot of my pics, vids, quotes, memes, wallpapers, etc. But I have so many that it will take forever to get done. I have started to, but have barely scratched the surface. And I am pretty sure I have two entire discographies on my phone, but I think they're on the SdCard, which shouldn't affect the storage capacity of the phone, right?

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Mar 8, 2016 1:46:56 PM via Website

Oh, and I have CCleaner as a task manager, because I was told that CM cleaner was a virus by my friend who works at the phone store. And I used to have it on a different phone, and it screwed up that phone really badly. I also have ES file explorer already, but have no idea what some of the things even are that are stored on the sdCard. So, I am afraid to get rid of them in case they are important.

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Mar 8, 2016 1:48:05 PM via Website

I thank you for replying, but I would like a phone with more than 2GB of ram.

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Mar 23, 2016 12:42:36 PM via Website

Hello 6 Vicky C. Can you get back to me through my email to advise you on how to get the month data plan at the lowest cost (

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Mar 26, 2016 1:14:15 PM via Website

Thanks for replying but I already have a good data plan. I just wanted to see if I could get a decent phone that didn't cost a fortune.