I was wondering if there was a mobile app for Android that can accurately display coordinates to connected cell towers

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Feb 12, 2016 4:35:35 PM via Website

I wanted to know if any of the apps developed and published on Google play that claim to show the location and detailed info of cell towers the user is connecting to are accurate and trustable? I'm using Network Signal Info Pro and after contacting the online database company about my logs showing identical cell towers with all five parameters matching(Cell ID, MNC, MCC, LAC, and Radio/Network type) is a bug or glitch they responded by saying it wasn't possible for identical towers to show since there is no identical towers in their database and asked if I could send them an example which I did, a month later they responded it is possible if the towers are being spoofed. So my next question is how do I find out if the coordinates of the cell towers this app displays are accurate and true?

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Feb 12, 2016 8:06:19 PM via Website

I used open signal before and it's the accuracy of the cell tower coordinates I'm wondering about, I noticed on open signal it's going to residential areas not legitimate cell towers

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Feb 13, 2016 11:10:43 PM via Website

I heard about Network signal info pro and on my logs using the mobile signal tracker function displayed on Google earth showed a cell tower in satellite view where it claims the cell tower is so I think network signal info pro reads the timing advance values, signal strength, and many other parameters and actually shows the distance my cellphone is to the tower I'm connecting to. But they send some data to an online database privately without personal data and the online database takes the parameters using an algorithm to triangulate the tower locations. It's a paid app. Have you ever heard of it?