How to Avoid Negative App Reviews?

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Jun 30, 2016 12:01:11 PM via Website

Today, I'm gonna share something about how to How to avoid negative app reviews.

Here , it is:

What causes low rating and negative reviews?

  1. App user’s dissatisfaction with app quality
    The survey shows that 65% users will submit ratings and reviews when they have a poor experience using the app, they will usually submit negative reviews to vent their emotion. It also shows that only 49% users will submit positive reviews even though they have an excellent experience. So good app quality may not bring too many good reviews for you, it can help to avoid getting too many negative reviews for you.

  2. Malicious competition
    This is not absolute, but it did happened to some apps, this is unavoidable that there are some immoral app competitors would take this action. If this happens to your app, don’t panic just report all the malicious negative reviews to Apple support.

What does negative reviews will lead to?
There is also a survey shows that 70% potential users would glance over and reference the reviews left by other users, even there is only one review left under the app . For this kind of users, the reviews and ratings become one crucial factor in deciding to download or not.

And 70% of the users will download after viewing one review, for paid apps, 33% of the potential users will start to download apps after viewing over 7 reviews, for free apps, 13% of the potential users will start to download apps after viewing over 7 reviews.

Actually, the ratings and reviews of the app would effect on the download rate, Specific are as below:

App Ratings Download Rate
1 star 12
2 star 15
3 star 50
4 star 96
5 star 100

The above table data means that about 90% the potential users will neglect the apps with 1-star ratings.

It also tells that too much negative rating and reviews mean death for apps.

How to avoid negative reviews?
1. Testing more times before launching
As we know, except the malicious attack by immoral competitors, there is only one reason that could cause bad reviews, that is the quality of the app, so pay more attention to the quality of the app and the user experience, make sure the basic functions works well in different OS versions and varies devices, like the login and log out, also make sure each functions works well as it described on your landing page or your app description.

Just take more time on the testing to make your app perfect as much as it described, this is really helpful for you to avoid getting too many negative reviews.

  1. Pay attention to the needs and desires of the users
    From the moment that your app has been installed on users’ mobile device, your app will accompany the users every day, it also means more opportunity to listen to the users’ voice. And establish a personal relationship with them by your-high quality service. Let the app users feel the unique “special treatment” by the two-way interaction.

When the app users encounter kinds of matters or problems, they will always expect a timely and specific communication and assistant. And in app store market, the main way of this kind of interaction in the app is the “reviews and ratings”. so if the users cannot get a timely reply other places or in other ways, they will probably go to the “reviews and ratings” to express their ideas and vent their emotions.

So it’s a good idea to build an interactive channel in the app, it can hear their problems and calm them before they venting in “reviews and ratings”, so this will help a lot to avoid the negative reviews.

  1. Intercept bad reviews
    Send evaluation request to the users in proper time to ask them to evaluate your app, like ask users how does they fell like your app, you can set two options buttons, one is “good” and the other one is “not good”.

If the users clicked the button “good” then it should link to the “”reviews and ratings” on the app store directly. This action can guide users to write good reviews for your app.

But if the users clicked the button “not good” then it should be popped up a box for users to ask them if they would like to feedback on the app store. And data shows only 1% of the users who clicked “not good” will go forward to the app store to write a negative review, so with this design, the negative reviews on the app store will be reduced by 10 times.

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Jul 11, 2016 11:37:48 PM via Website

Intercepting bad reviews is probably the least known of the three. At worst, you get a bad review that you were going to get anyway, at best, you get some quality feedback on what to improve, and in the average case it doesn't affect your ratings.

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Jul 12, 2016 3:46:02 AM via Website

If you got one reviews, then you need more good reviews to cover it, and as long as the bad reviews was sawn by potential users, you may just gonna lose a user. So it's important to learn to how to avoid negative reviews instead of thinking how to do to make it up when it happens.

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Jul 12, 2016 4:12:10 AM via Website

Great Post, A lot of useful information !

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Jul 15, 2016 10:22:50 AM via Website

should describes the limitations of the application in first time open app

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Dec 26, 2016 3:30:03 AM via Website

I do agree with your opinion.

1.The quality of app is the essential condition for developer to gain positive reviews, before launching a app,testing it and fix bugs to make it better.
2.Users' satisfaction also important.For they can express their idea of your app with giving reviews on it.
3.Buy app reviews from reliable providers can be a nice choice.

In a word,app reviews and rating are priceless for the new users and app developers should not play with it by adding some fake reviews to it.The effective way is working hard and getting the reviews and ratings naturally.