mobile battery charges very fast and dies fast - PLS HELP

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Jul 1, 2016 1:52:01 PM via Website


mobile battery charges very fast and dies fast - when i keep charging the % will 1 % than it will jump 100% directly with in mints. I was thinking it may battery issue so i have bought new orginal battery it also same issue kept for charging it shows 1% and keep jumping the 1% 5% 10% from 60% immdiatly 100% after removing charging it will get reducing the battery % . how to resolve i have did factory reset as well . image 90% but showa 24m . request your help.

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Jul 1, 2016 3:57:07 PM via Website

Have you tried with a different charger and or cable?

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Jul 2, 2016 2:48:12 PM via Website


No .. i use to charge through usb cable from desktop CPU @ home with normal charger..NOT with orginal charger but in shope when i bought battery there i kept for charging with orginal charger it was same status ketp for 5 mints charged 100%..

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Jul 2, 2016 5:07:25 PM via Website

I also charge my mobile using usb cable. Actually when I worked onto computer my mobile always connected onto my pc via usb. And it's working fine for me and keeps charge for long time.

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Jul 2, 2016 5:10:12 PM via Website


made my battery dried kept for charging with orginal charger but same issue ....

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Jul 3, 2016 12:36:48 PM via App

you may have to return the phone to where you bought it from for a refund/replacement, how long have you owned this phone?

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Jul 5, 2016 12:41:48 AM via App

try to change the battery and if do not work change the software.. it will definately work

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Jul 5, 2016 3:43:49 AM via Website

Change a new battery.

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Jul 6, 2016 1:49:24 PM via App

Check your phone system, then your battery as well as your charger to see if it's compatible with your phone... also try to update your Android version. Hope this helps!!!

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Oct 7, 2016 11:41:36 AM via Website

you may need to give back the telephone to where you got it from for a discount/substitution, to what extent have you claimed this telephone?