Is It a Good Idea to Buy Google Play Reviews for Your Apps?

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Aug 30, 2016 3:52:15 AM via Website

Many people who create their own apps are going to wonder if it’s a good idea to buy Google Play reviews. People are going to get a lot of mixed opinions on this topic. Some people might hear rumors about people reacting negatively towards the people who do this. Other people might hear about the advantages of improving one’s rating in advance. While everything is going to have positives and negatives attached, overall, it is a good idea to buy Google Play reviews.

All Publicity is Good Publicity

Many people have heard the adage that any publicity is good publicity, but they might be uncertain as to whether or not it is true. The short answer is that it is true for the people who are obscure. For famous people who are already established and who already have famous products, bad publicity really is bad publicity. Famous app developers don’t benefit from the negative reviews that they receive. A wave of negative reviews is going to truly be negative for them.
However, for the people who have obscure apps, books, or almost anything else, all publicity really is good. Obscurity is one of the main problems facing almost all independent developers online today. Many talented people never manage to get established on Google Play just because it is very difficult to get noticed on such an enormous database. The obscure apps are going to get crowded out by the apps that have a great deal of industry backing. People who are creating their own apps and marketing their own apps are going to be at a major disadvantage compared to the people who have professional marketing teams to help them.

Buy Google Play Reviews When people buy Google Play reviews, they will get ratings in the process. Those ratings are going to attract the attention of some people. The ratings will automatically manage to elevate people above the app developers who have no ratings at all. People can move up an entire tier as a result of Google Play reviews.

*Good Rev*iews Attract More Reviews

Buy Google Play reviews is only going to be the first step. Many people do not review an app if they are the first to use an app, regardless of their experiences with it. People don’t like to be the first to do anything in some cases, especially when it comes to leaving reviews. If people see that other reviews are there, they might be more likely to leave reviews of their own. Google Play reviews can more or less beget Google Play reviews.

People who are worried about fake-looking reviews that give themselves away as fake reviews should note that it is possible to buy Google Play reviews that are much better written than that. Talented freelance writers are more than aware of this problem, and they will be happy to actually use the apps and to actually create real reviews that are honest and well-written. The money more or less just acts as an added incentive for them to write. The presence of their reviews will encourage other people to write as well.

What’s more, people are more likely to rate an app highly if previous reviewers have rated the app highly. People are going to be more positively biased towards an app that has attracted good ratings, however the ratings were determined. However, even if the real reviews are negative, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Having a range of opinion sometimes gives people a good impression. Not everyone is going to like an app. People care that other people have tried an app, and not necessarily that everyone else liked the app.

Reviews Attract Attention

Buy Google Play Reviews Some people are not going to go near an app that has no reviews attached. In fact, they might be more likely to try out an app that has negative reviews attached than an app that has no ratings attached. People are wary of trying things for the first time. People might be more inclined to try out an app that has managed to attract even one positive review, which is reason enough to buy Google Play reviews.

It should be noted that most people are not going to really think about whether the reviews are fake or not. Not everyone is even aware of the fact that a lot of people buy Google Play reviews. Since reviews beget more reviews, many of them are going to be real eventually. One way or another, lots of fans aren’t really going to care.


When people buy Google Play reviews, they are potentially plucking themselves up from obscurity. It is too difficult for individual people to get discovered on the Google Play store, which is huge. People need to make themselves discovered, and they can do that by purchasing Google Play reviews. They will get themselves over one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to app marketing, which involves that long period where no one notices what you have created. When people buy Google Play reviews, they’re taking a shortcut. From there, they can complete the rest of the journey.