How do I increase app ranking & downloads in both playstore & app Store?

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Sep 20, 2017 7:55:02 AM via Website

To answer your question, we need to first know how Google Play Store ranking is decided. Google has, indeed, adopted a very sophisticated system in determining the ranking of an App for a keyword. The criteria taken into account are listed as follows: (1) Number of Installs (2) Retention Rate (how many days an App stays installed on a device on average?) (3) Rating (out of 5.0) and number of ratings and reviews). (4) Number of backlinks to your App's Google Play page. The most important criterion is (1), it weights about 60-70% in determining ranking, therefore, your main task is to get as many instal[enter link description here][1]ls as possible in a short period of time. Nonetheless, criterion (2)’s importance has been raised since Google adjusted its algorithm in March 2017. The next question is, how to get installs? There are many ways: (1) Improve your App's quality. It could be done by making your game bug-free, hiring an expert artist to improve your game's graphic quality, etc. (may App developer rely too much on their own artistic senses, the result of which is that the appearance of Apps developed are not appealing to users on Google Play, resulting in loss of downloads) With good game quality, you get more positive reviews and ratings and players are more willing to download your App when they visit your App's page. (2) Cost-per-install campaigns. You can purchase a large amount of installs to boost your App's ranking on Google Play. It is actually essential as there is no better ways to acquire visibility to your App (if you choose to spend tens of thousands of dollars on billboard, TV or newspaper adverts, you easily cost USD 10 or even USD 20 per install). Out of all providers, I genuinely recommend [][2] since it provides USA keyword installs at the rate of 0.16 USD per install and it can deliver up to 10,000 installs in a single day, which is a pretty cheap rate considering the marketing potential in USA. Some providers provide 0.06–0.1 USD per non-USA installs, but non-USA markets are less valuable compared with USA (for instance, ecpm from USA is easily 4–5 USD, compared with 1 USD for countries like Spain and Italy). More importantly, currently provides $20 USD free credits for new users, so you can test the effect of this provider without spending a single cent. As a personal experiment, I had spent $100 on Keyapp and obtained around 625 installs for my own game, split into 10 days. As you can see, after my campaign started, my game’s keyword ranking raised from around 35 to 17–18 at the end of campaign, and kept at a similar level even after the end of my campaign. My organic install per day from USA grew from around 300 per day to 500 per day at the end of campaign. (3) App Store Optimization. There are several aspects of ASO: Good looking icon: Make your icon vivid colored (avoid dark blue, dark green or brown) and simple. Avoid jamming too many objects into the icon (imagine users view it with a small 4 inch mobile phone). Good screenshots: Try to present the best aspects of your game in the first two screenshots, as according to a study by Storemaven, 60% of users only view the first two screenshots before they decide on downloading the game. Again, like icon, please try to make your screenshots (i.e. games) of fresh, vivid and lively colors (take Clash of Clans, Candy Crush and Crossy Road as your guidance), avoid dark green or brown as the theme color of your game (a common mistake of indie developers). Also, you may consider making an intro video for your App/game, according to Storemaven, it could increase conversion by 23% - not trivial is it? Good description: in a nutshell, it means with good keywords included NATURALLY. Good keywords can be found on Sensor Tower - Mobile App Store Marketing Intelligence. In this site, you may search for keywords that have low competition and high traffic volume. However, please try to make keywords incorporated naturally, or else smart users will feel that your App is a spam and feel inhibited to download your game. Avoid mentioning other famous games or Apps as it is against Google policy. It is also advised that you localize your game's name and description into different languages - even if you don't have a translator, Google Translate can help you, having localized keyboards can, according to a study, bring 30% more users to your App, so it is surely worth the effort (I guess localizing Apps will take less than 3% of your resources!). A good practice of ASO is A/B testing, in other words, after your game’s download is stabilized with version A of screenshots/description/ icon, you may try to change one or more of the screenshots, description or icon into version B. You can then monitor the performance of your game for one week, if this change leads to an increase in performance, you can keep new icon, screenshots or description; if it leads to drop in download, you shall revert back to your old version A. You can experiment with versions C, D, E and so on until you find the best combination.

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Sep 20, 2017 8:18:32 AM via Website

Very Informative and detailed. Thanks for this :)