Is there a way to replace a Locked Bootloader on Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 with an Unlocked One?

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Jan 7, 2018, 7:03:31 AM via Website

I'm trying to install Magisk on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4, however, it's not possible because the bootloader is locked. Here are some specs for my phone:

Android version: 5.0.1
Baseban version: I545VRUGOF1

As you can see, the version I have has a locked bootloader. That means I can't install TWRP, I can't install Magisk, I can't change an app to become a system app, etc. It's terrible.

I'm curious though, would it be easy to use Odin and replace my firmware with another version, like the I545VRUDMI1 or even the I545VZWDMI1? These have unlocked bootloaders. Does it not work that way?

And if I do manage to change versions, can I install Magisk that can bypass SafetyNet and play a hacked version of Pokemon Go? Such a long way to go to be able to do some GPS spoofing!

Another piece of info that might be useful is that I'm not using my phone as a phone (calling/texting/subscribing to a carrier). I'm on WiFi only and playing one game.


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