Samsung Galaxy S6 — SMS export issue

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Jan 10, 2018, 10:43:16 AM via Website

This is really strange. I can see all my incoming and outgoing SMS messages on the actual phone but every SMS export app or program I've used does the same thing:

The will recognize and export ALL if the incoming messages but only 47 of my outgoing messages. I have a lot more than 47 outgoing messages and I can SEE them and read them on the phone.

I've used 'SMS to Text' , 'SMS Backup and Restore' , 'SMS Backup +' and the Samsung utility doesn't allow exporting SMS to text (goofy if you ask me. this is a basic need for a lot of people)

Sadly I really need BOTH sides of a few of these conversations for evidence in court. having one side doesn't make sense and even the trial versions of the Payed programs will not recognize the sent SMS beyond the same 47 they all see. So I'm almost entirely certain this is a phone issue not an issue with these software programs.

I'm scared to do a backup and restore with the Samsing Smart Switch (KEIS is no longer supported for the S6 I guess) because if it doesn't back up the sent ones correctly and i wipe the phone and restore I'll pretty much lose it all.

Any thoughts from anyone? A setting maybe?

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Jan 25, 2018, 9:32:10 AM via Website

Maybe you can have a try of Samsung mobile manager tool. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 to computer via usb cable, start the tool. After a short time scanning, if all your messages are displayed on program window. You can directly export them to computer.

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