Android Studio Err Msg: Render Problem. Failed to find sytle 'coordinatorLayoutStyle' in current theme.

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May 29, 2018 8:30:02 PM via Website

Android Studio 3.1.2.
I am creating a very simple hello world App. No changes, everything uses default values.
Using a new basic activity, rest is default values. Everything works, except that on the top left corner of the design screen, where it shows "Warnings and Errors", I have 1 error. Error text is Render problem. Failed to find style 'coordinatorLayoutStyle' in current theme. Tip: Try to refresh the layout.
Refreshing does not help. I looked in the Theme Editor. As error indicates, there is no style 'coordinatorLayoutStyle' in current theme.
I also looked in styles.xml. I don't see 'coordinatorLayoutStyle'
How to resolve this error?
The application works fine, but