Why do you need a smartwatch?

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Jan 21, 2019, 2:25:58 AM via Website

There's an interesting theory that smartwatches are to the smartphone what wristwatches were to the pocket watch. Picture the way the average gentlemen used to have to rummage through his pocket for his watch prior to the 20th century. Now skip forward 100+ years and the average smartphone user still has to dive into his/her pocket to check their phone.

The kicker now is that your smartphone holds far more information than a pocket watch ever did, yet all of which is still locked into your pocket.

Smartwatches aren't for making phone calls, although some can do this, but instead they provide a quick and easy way to check what notifications are on your smartphone, so you can decide whether it's worth delving into your pocket or searching around your bag to fetch your smartphone or not.

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Jan 21, 2019, 8:13:10 AM via Website

I do not see the utility of a smartwatch, just to impress someone who does not have that. More useful, it seems to me to be a multi-function bracelet, especially for those who do sports or for travellers. But if you have an expensive overpriced costume and a super expensive car, then you must have the most expensive watch: it does not matter the brand, but only the price is bigger. His uselessness is equally great!

Eva WeiLindsay mcdaniel

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Jan 21, 2019, 11:27:44 PM via Website

A lot of people like new gadgets just to show off!
Personally I think smart watches are a redundant waste of hard earned money!
Why do you need that tiny little screen on your wrist when you have a larger screen already on your smartphone?
Yes it may be inconvenient to reach into your handbag or your pocket to check your phone!
But hey nobody said smartphones are perfect!
As for myself I find a belt pouch for my phone is convenient enough!

Eva WeiSorin

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Jan 21, 2019, 11:27:46 PM via Website

Here is a good example of what I was talking about.
At my favorite electronics store I noticed one of the phone specialists wearing a smart watch!
We talked about it for a couple minutes.
He told me that he just purchased it. And didn't have a opinion about it yet .
A couple of weeks later I saw him again and he wasn't wearing the watch anymore! I asked him why, and he confessed to me that it turned out to be a real pain in the backside, so he got rid of it!

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Eva WeiSorin

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Jan 23, 2019, 11:32:11 AM via Website

smart watch for me is absolutely not useful. all function that i need already in my smartphone

Eva WeiSorin

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