[Game] Idlers And Dungeons - idle incremental RPG

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May 10, 2019, 9:43:06 AM via Website

Hello folks,
i was a big fan of the famous game, Grindquest, an idle incremental rpg and I contacted adam rump the creator of grindquest to allow me to create an evolved version of his game.
the system of idlers and dungeons is based on grindquest with some close variants.

Idlers And Dungeons is an idle adventure game in which you have to automatically hunt monsters to earn experience and gold.
Choose one from several available classes; each has a different set of skills.
The game features realistic animated dungeons.
You can do various quests in each dungeon to earn rewards.
Spend talent point to learn a new skill after you level up; you can always reset these skills by purchasing a talent reset from the shop. Don't forget to sell your loot and unused items to earn more gold.
Once your level is high enough, you can travel to another location to hunt stronger enemies with more rewards.


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May 11, 2019, 8:42:20 AM via Website

I was a major aficionado of the acclaimed diversion, Grind quest, an inactive steady rpg and I reached Adam posterior the maker of grind quest to enable me to make an advanced form of his amusement.