IQ quiz test with logical and technical questions

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Sep 13, 2019, 1:09:13 PM via Website

Do you know Einstein never took any IQ test, but it's believed that he had an IQ of 160, the same score as Stephen Hawking. Albert Einstein give an equation which is E=mc2. Here, E is equivalent energy that can be calculated by multiplying mass (m) with the speed of light (c) value of the speed of light c value of c is (c = ~3×108 m/s).
Today, there are so many news about children that they have IQ level 160 which approximately equals to the great Albert Einstein's IQ.
To make sure about your IQ level we introduced an android application that can calculate your IQ level based on your skills and knowledge. Here, we set thousand of question-related to every field of study. You have to solve all these technical questions and puzzle problems in a very limited time. At the end of test your performance is measured on the bases of accurate result and time limit. if you failed to answer in a given time it will negative your points and one more thing wrong decision also moves you toward negative marking.
If you want to check your IQ score then you must check this IQ test game but remember one thing wrong answer will take you to negative your points so make sure that your answer is precise.

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