High Quality Marked Playing Cards Poker

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Nov 5, 2019, 5:54:07 AM via Website

High Quality Marked Playing Cards Poker

Have you ever thought about why magicians can know each card with suit and value accurately and quickly in the shows? Their secret depends on the poker cards in their hand which is called marked playing cards. In the past, to mark poker cards, these marking systems: cut-out, block-out, and tinting are used by manufacturers and suppliers. These cards were quite popular when it first appeared in the market. However, after years and years of the same method used by hundreds and thousands of magicians, the secret was revealed and people become aware of this method. Even poker players now check the cards and flaws on the back of the deck of cards being used. The old symbol/basic markings on the card decks era are over! A good magician or a good poker cheater would not want to look like a fool who gets caught doing it this method. Use Luminous "invisible" ink on your new card tricks for a more successful way of tricking people. The invisible ink is naked to the eye revealing not a single flaw on the card and any cards can be processed for various poker perspective systems: poker perspective system, poker scanning distance as well as infrared detective system.
1. The marked playing cards for poker perspective system are marked with invisible ink suit and number on its back. Wearing infrared contact lenses or poker cheating sunglasses, you can read its back marks at perfect clarity.
2. And about the marked cards for poker scanning system, they feature barcode on its four sides. When scanning the cards by local scanners and wireless cameras, the poker analyzer is capable of reporting the 100 percent accurate results like the best poker hand, the best second poker hand, the community cards, each card and so on.
3. The third one is marked poker cards for infrared detective system. Although these playing cards are also marked with back marks, the markings can be only detected by the infrared cameras. Hence, it is considered as the best one-to-one marked playing cards in the world by a number of poker players.
Among these marked deck, which one is the most suitable for you. In that poker is a game of information. Your smartness in information gathering and timely use makes you the winner. If you have information about the marked cards you can use it in your favor and expose the cheater. Here is some suggestion for you.
1. Choosing the first type marked playing cards if you already have invisible ink contact lenses or poker sunglasses for cheat. This is a very practical way for you to apply, especially you are the beginner to the poker.
2. buying the second kind of marked poker cards if you desire to know more different results in the poker game you play. This is the fastest way for you to get an additional edge at poker. There are two things you need to do in the games: put the barcode marked cards and scanner within the specific scanning distance and listen carefully to what the analyzer tells you by the mini earphone.
3. selecting the infrared marked playing cards if you have a place to install the whole IR system. The biggest advantage of theses marked poker cards is that they are not visible to poker perspective system and poker scanning system, but only to special poker cheating device. Except for you, no one will read your cards. That is to say, you owe an absolute advantage and take control over the whole game.
And now you may find out what kind of invisible ink marked cards you need? But where to buy the high quality marked cards? Buying marked cards is a worth investment that will give you a long term profit. But only marked cards are not sufficient the players have to buy high quality cheating devices such as scanner, camera, analyzer, contact lenses, etc. to detect the cards. A fully functional cheating device helps player to stay ahead of your competitors. Poker is a game of skill and it requires years to master the challenging skills but with right poker analyzer and high quality camera you can kick start the game without any prior knowledge. The function, features, method of use, etc. of each brand differ from other hence before taking any unambiguous decision read the instruction of use properly so that you can get the full advantage out of your investment. So to spend your money in a sensible way, I highly introduce you our website. With over 10 years experience in this industry, we are the world-class supplier and manufacturer for high quality poker cheating devices. Not only superior quality marked cards but also the good lenses, sunglasses, poker analyzing system, IR system and other devices are available at fair price here. For knowing more details about price of our high quality marked playing cards, welcome to contact me.

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Please what is the relevance of this on an Android forum ?

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Nov 24, 2019, 3:40:39 PM via Website

Wow, that system of playing cards is so clever and so simple in the same time. Thank you for this share, as an old poker player I really appreciate such topics. Because even such an old player as me can learn something new and useful, so this information can help to win much more more often and much more money. I think I would use some of this tricks on the best online poker Baccarat.