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Secret To Extending Your Battery Life: Buy Your Apps

Secret To Extending Your Battery Life: Buy Your Apps

Android battery life

Smartphone battery life has always been the one major drawbacks to our favorite little Android companions. But no matter what we try– from actively monitoring our energy use settings, to killing each and every app that doesn't need to be running– it seems almost impossible to get more then a couple hours out of a charge. Now, a researcher at Purdue University may have found the culprit behind our energy woes and if here's right, then our penny pinching app purchases might just be killing our battery life.

In a new paper Abhinav Pathak, a Purdue-based computer science researcher, claims 75% of the energy used by free apps is spent downloading ads or uploading user data for advertising purposes while only 10%-30% was used for powering the apps core functionality. With today's power-hungry 3 and 4G devices, one app could drain your battery in a measly 90 minutes!

According to Mr. Pathak's research, Angry Birds only uses 20% of it's power consumption to run the display and a whopping 45% to locate a user and download those annoying pop-ups which always seem to get in the way of my shots. What's more, the 3/4G connection then stays active for another 10 seconds and accounts for 28% of all lost energy while playing Angry Birds.

In his paper, which will be printed in the coming issue of New Scientist, Mr. Pathak suggests that inefficiencies in 3rd party code is to blame for the poor power consumption ratings of many free apps. The solution, it would seem, would simply be to start paying for our apps and this might just be the impetus Android fans need to start rewarding developers for their hard work.

For anyone interested in reading the full paper, follow the link: Fine Frained Energy Accounting on Smartphones

Source: New Scientist

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  • Sorin Dec 28, 2017 Link to comment

    As a rule, the phone comes with its own battery management system, and any other additional application does nothing else but to overcome its own management. I have used many such applications and finally found that I did not get any improvement in battery performance. The less I am willing to give money for such applications.

  • Pay for apps on Android? Hah! Good one.
    All you have to do is turn off your 3G / Wifi when you're not using it.
    (Not applicable when you're using an app that actually requires an internet connection, but still a massive battery saving technique overall.)

  • Yeah it does kind of make sence once you think about it but I have to admit, its probably one of those things that I wouldn't have come up with on my own!

  • Well that's interesting. It actually makes a lot of sense!

  • Atlas Mar 19, 2012 Link to comment

    Or just root your, phone and install an ad blocker

  • chinu Mar 19, 2012 Link to comment


  •   4
    Deactivated Account Mar 19, 2012 Link to comment

    What a great insight and it makes perfect sense. It's too bad many free apps don't have a paid version. Maybe this will convince them.

  • I never even though or knew about that!!

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