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Frisbee(R) Forever

Frisbee(R) Forever

Android + Frisbee = Madness—or so I thought before I saw the light thanks to Frisbee(R) Forever. Find out how those crazy guys over at Kiloo Games managed to pull this one out of their sleeves in today's review.



Reviewed version Latest version
2.0.1 2.09

Features & Use

Test device
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Android version: 3.2
Root: Yes
Modificationen: No / Pure Android

App details
Runs as of: Android 2.1
Apps2SD: Not on the Galaxy Tab A
Size: Ca. 42.2 MB

The required permissions make sense and are totally legitimate.

I came across Frisbee(R) Forever whilst perusing Google Play and was pretty flabbergasted. I mean, how in the bleep can one possibly play frisbee on an Android. But then I felt like slapping my own forehead in self-reproachfulness– after all, aren't there virtual games of virtually every sport? Playstation basketball, Wii tennis matches...

Some fun trivia: the company who owns the app license is the same company to have produced the modern frisbee.

So now that all that is cleared up, you might be wondering what Frisbee(R) Forever is actually all about. It's a fairly simple game: throw a frisbee, collect stars, make the frisbee fly through hoops and make it speed up in order to reach the goal. There are plenty of extras to make this game just as thrilling (if not more so) as tossing a real live frisbee around in a park on a nice warm day. For instance some rings and frisbee lanes makes things speed up and there are mobile obstacles such as ventilators.

The rewards system is highly motivating: there are approximately 50 trophies that can be collected and if you manage to score enough stars you'll receive a medal at the end. If you've scored enough levels a bonus level will be activated, and with this bonus level come some fun new frisbees.

There 120 levels and 10 bonus levels, and four really great themes: California theme park, winter wonderland, Wild West and Caribbean (with pirates, of course).

Bottom line:

Frisbee(R) Forever is a very cool game that's great for when you're in between appointments or something, but also good entertainment for longer gaming sessions at home.

Screen & Controls

Controls are nice and easy: in order to throw the frisbee simply swipe across the screen and use the sensor to control the left/right buttons.

The Frisbee(R) Forever graphics are truly the bomb. The levels are three dimensional and have a great comic book look to them. Lots of attention to detail here, and it pays off!


Speed & Stability

While Frisbee(R) Forever didn't crash throughout our test runs, and actually ran very smoothly on the Galaxy Tab, it would lag for a split seconds every now and then when the frisbee soars through the ring.


Price/Performance Ratio

Frisbee(R) Forever is available for free download from Google Play. The game is financed via in-app purchases, meaning if you're keen to get a new frisbee (new designs, no new abilities) or are feeling greedy for stars, go ahead and knock yourselves out! That said, there's absolutely no need to spend any money in order to enjoy this fun game.



Frisbee(R) Forever Frisbee(R) Forever Frisbee(R) Forever Frisbee(R) Forever

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