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Fruit Shoot – Ready, Aim, Fruit Salad!
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Fruit Shoot – Ready, Aim, Fruit Salad!

Shooting fruit is an old hat, right? Native Americans did it, we've seen it done in circus arenas, maybe we've even experimented with a bowl of fruit and bow and arrow at the back of grandma's garden.

For the virtual archery + fruit version, check out our review Fruit Shoot.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.05 1.3

Features & Use


Test device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G)
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: None
Runs as of: 2.0


As mentioned, most of us will be familiar with this particular game genre, and yet Fruit Shoot is extremely popular in the Play Store at the moment.

I should warn you that this game is PG at best: for instance, in the very first scene you'll see a bear with a melon balanced on its head; the goal is to shoot the melon so go ahead and aim for it. Should you shoot the bear in the face instead bllood will splatter all across the display.

Once you've gotten past the initial stages you will find that both the animals and the fruit will begin to move, making the target even more difficult to hit. Oh, and if that isn't enough, more fruit will be piled on.

As for controls: you pull the bow using your finger. Then touch the screen and a dotted line will appear illustrating where the arrow will shoot. Be sure to consider both the angle and shot power.

Most games of this sort are diversifying (i.e. casual games). They don't offer very many levels or settings options. This game, on the other hand, has over 90 levels and three scenarios, meaning you're not likely to get bored straight away. There's an adventure mode as well as a VS mode that can be used to go up against friends (on the same device).

The graphics, including the detail-rich backdrops, are really quite nice.

Bottom line:

Fruit Shoot is a fun archery game that has lots of levels and is free of charge. Graphics are well done and the game is colourful and fun. If you're feeling Robin Hood-y go on and give it a go!


Screen & Controls

Fruit Shoot is relatively easy to handle. Simply tip on the screen and “pull” a line that will influence the angle and shot power. Levels become trickier the more you progress, but it's not likely that you'll get stuck.


Speed & Stability

Fruit Shoot performed nicely throughout our test runs, no lagging or crashing whatsoever.


Price/Performance Ratio

Fruit Shoot is free from Google Play and it's currently in the top ten list of free apps.

It stands apart from the rest thanks to its great graphics and long term gaming motivation.



Fruit Shoot – Ready, Aim, Fruit Salad! Fruit Shoot – Ready, Aim, Fruit Salad! Fruit Shoot – Ready, Aim, Fruit Salad! Fruit Shoot – Ready, Aim, Fruit Salad! Fruit Shoot – Ready, Aim, Fruit Salad!

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