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Furry Creatures Match'em Free

Furry Creatures Match'em Free

Getting older isn’t a whole lot of fun. Memory is one of the first things a person tends to lose with age. Therefore it’s important to everything you can to keep your brain fresh and in gear despite the years. Based on experiments conducted with children and seniors, the classical memory game is a great way to train your concentration and memory skills.

Furry Creatures Match'em Free is a puzzle that engages key parts of your brain and is suitable for both young and old.

Test your memory skills with today’s test report.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.02 Varies with device

Features & Use

Furry Creatures Match'em Free is a memory game that helps you keep your concentration and – no duh! – memory skills up to speed.

Different difficulty levels – from simple to strenuous

The difficult levels are only different in terms of the number of memory cards displayed:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

In easy mode there are only 12 cards. Things get a tad trickier in medium with 20 cards. The most advanced difficulty levels has 24 cards total waiting to be turned over.

Furry Creatures Match'em Free is basically just a done-up version of your regular memory game. The rules are exactly the same: you can flip over two cards at a time with each card displaying a cute furry creature. Your goal is to find all the pairs on the board. All the uncovered pairs remain visible for the rest of the game.

Keeping your eyes on the prize

The aim of the game is to find all the furry creature pairs as quickly as possible.

Bottom Line:

There’s just no way around it: Furry Creatures Match’em is an irresistibly cute game. Although meant to target primarily elementary school children, I have to admit that adults can find it extremely entertaining as well. Personally, I find the cute little creatures to be a bit too cute after a while. My suggestion to the developers: add new sets of customizable creatures. I would much rather play with Horror Flurry Creatures rather than the harmless Pixar-like characters from the current game.

My biggest problem with the game is the like of difficult challenges. Here’s a list of much-needed improvements for the app:

Player vs. Player Mode

It’s much more fun to be able to play against other people’s online scores or beat the time of your friends and family. Otherwise, there’s just no motivation to perform well while playing.

More Challenges

Even the most advanced difficulty level was a piece of cake for me. They either have to add more cards to the board or make the creatures look more similar. This would make the game both more challenging and a lot more fun.


Screen & Controls

All in all Furry Creatures Match'em Free is really cute. The graphics are both adorable and appealing, which both good and bad. Maybe it’s just because I’m already a grown man, but I really can’t take all the fuzzy cuteness for prolonged periods of time. This may be great for elementary school girls (and tentatively boys), but it definitely gets old for the rest of us.


Speed & Stability

Furry Creatures Match'em Free ran perfectly on my HTC Desire.


Price/Performance Ratio

Furry Creatures Match'em Free can be downloaded for free from the App Center or Android Market. 

There's is also a paid version of the game. Furry Creatures Match'em Pro is ad-free and costs €0.99 and can be downloaded from both the App Center and the Android Market. 




Furry Creatures Match'em Free Furry Creatures Match'em Free Furry Creatures Match'em Free

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