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Galaxy Folder: Samsung's big clapper

Galaxy Folder: Samsung's big clapper

The Samsung Galaxy Folder clamshell phone can now be seen for the first time in these leaked images. Some might ridicule this phone as a bit too retro, but if you look at the specifications, it soon becomes clear: the Galaxy Folder is more than just a nostalgic gimmick.

galaxy folder side
© Samsung/clien.net

Apparently this device is a tribute to the "good old days." So it seems anyway, in this incredibly fast-changing style market, whereas a few years ago, a flip phone was the absolute standard.

When our colleagues here first reported on the Galaxy Folder two weeks ago, it was nothing more than a rumor. The pictures we now see clearly show the full depth of the Galaxy Folder: the Koreans are serious. You can tell because they have give the new clamshell the "Galaxy" brand. The technical data that circulated a few weeks ago was enough to generate some interest, but it now looks like those figures were understating things quite a bit. These new figures only make the Galaxy Folder seem even more interesting.

galaxy folder 1
You certainly can't blame Samsung for doing nothing in terms of design.  © Samsung/clien.net

The Folder allegedly has on board:

Display Two, 3.7-inch AMOLED displays with 800x400 pixels
Processor Dual-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 1.7 GHz
Operating System Android 4.2.2
Battery 1,820 mAh
Input Physical keyboard numeric keypad and touchscreen display
Other LTE

These specs do not exactly fit into a retro gimmick. Now I'm not particularly familiar with demand in the South Korean market, and it's not necessarily likely that the Folder will ever reach these shores, but if you think about it, a flip phone with the latest technology and software is not as far-fetched as it may seem at first glance. Although sales of ''classic'' phones are rapidly declining, there are still at least a generation of potential buyers who feel put off by pure touchscreen smartphones who prefer the classic format. So why not?

And then of course there's hipsters with their retro obsession, so to them, this should be something great. All the retro look with all the modern power. Because despite all their love of the past, they all have a current iPhone...

If the Galaxy Folder made it to your local retailer, would you buy one?

Via: SmartDroid Source: clein.net

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  • I loved, and still do, flip phones. Although I'm not for a gold finish, I really like the design of this one. But, nowadays, I prefer to have one powerhouse smartphone with everything in it. This Note 2 I own now is already almost like two phones in size, I don't need another one.