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Apple Attacks The  Galaxy Note 10.1 & Android Jelly Bean In Court
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Apple Attacks The Galaxy Note 10.1 & Android Jelly Bean In Court


Just a few days ago, we reported on how Apple suffered a 15% Q3 loss in the tablet market thanks to Amazon, Asus, and Samsung. Samsung is doing well with the Galaxy Note 10.1, which seems to be against the rules. Apple afterall, sues Samsung for any product they release that has positive reception with consumers, which is exactly what they are doing yet again. Sad but true folks, but Apple is yet again “pulling an Apple”, and has now told a California court that the Galaxy Note 10.1 infringes on Apple patents.

Yet another instance where Apple clearly objects to any Samsung product that's doing well. This reaction could be coming from Apple in response to Samsung suing Apple over the iPhone 5 (LTE), but we can't confirm that at this time. What really irritates me about this case in particular is that no matter how hard Samsung tries to differentiate their products from Apple, the Cupertino company continues to cry foul.

I really don’t get why Apple is pulling this stunt, especially considering that Judge Koh flushed Apple’s case against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 down the toilet. Despite Apple’s objections in that scenario, the ban was lifted and the decision was made that no infringement took place. The Note 10.1 looks even less like the iPad, and contains way more innovative software (S-Pen, enhanced multitasking, ect), which makes me wonder why Apple feels justified  to make such a bold move.

What’s even weirder about all this is that Apple is adding new Samsung devices to their infringement list on the grounds that they can use a stylus. Since when did Apple ever give a damn about a stylus? They are also suing over Jelly Bean features, meaning that Google is most likely keeping a very close eye on this particular case.

The good news is that the trail won’t take place until 2014, and has pretty much 0 chance of negatively hitting sales of the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Source: Talk Android


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  • I thought APPLE learned its lesson by cooperating with HTC (some want to argue that HTC cooperated with APPLE - but who agreed to stop filing further lawsuits after their loss in Korean Courts? APPLE !) ....

    I wonder if GOOGLE will step forward & back up with Samsung? (it would be in their best interest since LG isn't exactly offering a better Android Nexus product) ...

    C J

  • bits Nov 7, 2012 Link to comment

    ....meant infringes :-)

  • bits Nov 7, 2012 Link to comment

    Do they really think that Sammy would be that stupid to "yet" again develop a (New ) tab that "fridges" Apples patents?.....Grow up Apple folks en join the world of more innovation and fair competation!!

  • And I thought the UK court's decision taught apple a thing or two about the risks of filing frivolous lawsuits...

  •   9
    Deactivated Account Nov 7, 2012 Link to comment

    @dvoraak i totally agree with you

  • Jelly Bean features? We haven't gotten JB yet!

    I understood the reasoning in the original U.S. suit but this one makes no sense. There are simply no similarities between iOS and the Note's ICS with TW. Even in the design, the Note looks nothing like the iPad (fortunately 'cuz the Note looks WAY better than the iPad).

    I'm willing to bet if this ever went to a jury, the first thing the jury would do at the end of the trial is run out and buy Note 10.1s for themselves. You can't put the two tablets side by side and examine all the features and performance without wanting to give Samsung some money.

  • I know what you mean Rutger. I am soooooooooooooooooo sick and tired of Apple's behavior. The tech worlds biggest crybaby.

  • They are obviously scared of competition. Pathetic!

    We have two more flushes this autumn.


    And as we all know, the can't apologize because they are cry-babies!