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Galaxy Note 10: is Samsung building the perfect smartphone?

Galaxy Note 10: is Samsung building the perfect smartphone?

One month from now, Samsung is introducing the Galaxy Note 10, and it's about to become the perfect smartphone - at least I hope so! The signs are at least anything but bad ...

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In the Galaxy note series, Samsung has the best technology that the world's largest smartphone manufacturer has to offer. Samsung's Exynos processors - or alternatively Qualcomm's best Snapdragon - have twice the power you need, and hardly any manufacturer has more memory to offer. Samsung's displays have been the measure of all things in smartphones for years, the One UI is one of the best Android skins. The Koreans' cameras are both fast and good, and even Samsung has only slowly learnt about how to do fingerprint sensors.

And what's more, Samsung builds the best smartphones alongside Apple in terms of craftsmanship. Please take the Galaxy Note 9 or the Galaxy S10 in your hand. The things are on the one hand elegant and on the other hand so robustly built, you won't find it anywhere else. Even Huawei is still a small step away. It doesn't get much better, and - I'm sure - the Galaxy Note 10 will make no exception. Guaranteed. I very much hope that Samsung will also offer a ceramic back like the Galaxy S10+.

The S-Pen convinced me

Even for the S-Pen, Samsung obviously has new ideas. I'll be honest with you: For years, I thought this pencil was terribly unnecessary. This was also due to the fact that it did not work very well in the first Galaxy Note generations. In the meantime, however, since I used the Galaxy Note 9 for my daily tasks for a long time, I am totally convinced of the pen. I use it as a trigger for the camera and scribble more and more notes on the display. Whether the S-Pen needs its own camera, as it is currently in conversation, I do not know yet. But Samsung has been improving the pen for so long that I'm pretty sure that the company will also do well with the S-Pen for the Galaxy Note 10.

The whole thing has a catch, of course. The new Galaxy Note will again be one of the most expensive smartphones ever and will cost well over 1,000 dollars without a contract. Anything else would be extremely surprising. Dear manufacturers, let's be honest: It's time to stop turning the price screw! If you continue like this, no one will buy the expensive things anymore, especially in view of dwindling subsidies from network operators and ever better smartphones in the entry level and mid-range classes.

But price or not, I'm really looking forward to the new Galaxy Note 10! You, too?

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  • I never will buy a Samsung again. Zero after sales service.

  • I for one am very disappointed in all the leaks & rumors. No headphone jack & no micro s/d support is the pits. If the note was a mid-ranger I could live with that. But at it's price and being so premium, nah very dissapointing. They have joined the ranks of Apple, your paying more & getting less!

  • Willing to give the Samsung 10+ a try!..After my 2nd Pixel XL died on me..overheating problems..done with Google phones..sad thing..loved them..paid off the phone..then 4 months later it bites the dust!!..

    • Sir is this really the case, I can't believe it. I alway though Google Pixel smartphones received the best software support and offered a great and lasting experience to their users. Sir would you recommend Pixel smartphones to others based on your experience?

  • It's going to be trash just like the S10 series. The hole on the screen and the in display fingerprint censor absolutely ruined the screens. Nobody says anything about it but accidental touches , ghost touches and phantom presses plague the S10 like no other . So much I had to sell the expensive turd right away . Couldn't stand it. ....yuck...... Like dude up top said flat screen and some bezel never hurt anyone. On fact I prefer it. Gives you something to hold onto without exiting a game during a critical firefight or accidently calling your boss on your day off.......nah picked up a pixel 3 and I absolutely love it. If the 4 is a 3 just bigger ...sold ......so long samsuck.....you deserve it for pushing that turd of a phone called the S10 onto ppl and making them say you like it. such apple move......the note 10 is just gonna be a even bigger fatter POS.....

    • Yes Sir I totally agree with you. Currently I am using Oneplus 7 with a flat Amoled display, teardrop notch hidden by deep blacks of Amoled with all notifications icon visible and no bloatware + fast updates for a very long time, amazing performance and stereo speakers, good cameras with fast biometrics and an alert slider which I find extremely useful. Oxygen OS is just like Stock Android both in feel and functionality (once you disable deep optimization and sleep optimization). Oxygen OS is the best.

  • storm 6 months ago Link to comment

    i want flat flush screens back in high end samsungs. enough with the curved and 2.5d silliness.

  • Mark
    • Admin
    6 months ago Link to comment

    No smart phone can be the perfect device with out a removable battery.

  • Dave S 6 months ago Link to comment

    only if you give me yours after you test it out, otherwise, I can think of 1000 other things to do and buy with $1000

  • Listening with wired headphones is simply a pleasure for me. Without the jack I have no interest in the note10. I will keep my s10plus longer than I expected. For myself why remove it on your most premium phone?

    • Actually the Note 10 is supposed to come with a special jack that plugs into the USB charging port that will accept headphone/earplug jacks.

      • $1000 for the Note 10!!! As I understand it there will be 3 versions of it, the low end unit for that $1000, a mid - version at around $1300 to $1600 and finally the Note 10 Pro going for $2000 or more before taxes. I can think of a lot more things I can do with this kind of money without spending it on an outrageously expensive phone. I still use my Note 3 (even for this comment). For me and likely most people to buy a New Note Samsung will have to half these prices.

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