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Galaxy Note 2 already getting Android 4.3

Galaxy Note 2 already getting Android 4.3

If you're one of the lucky ones to walk into a Samsung service center in certain parts of the world, you might just be amongst the first to get Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on your Galaxy Note 2. If a service center visit is not on your to-do list though, never fear, if the service centers have it, the OTA update will not be far away.

Note 2 Android 4 3
Prepare yourself: 4.3 Jelly Bean comes to the Galaxy Note 2. / © Samsung; AndroidPIT

The Jelly Bean update will not only bring the feature set of that operating system revamp to older devices like the Note 2, but it will also bring support capabilities for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. One of the main failings of the Galaxy Gear at launch was the fact that only the Galaxy Note 3 and Note 10.1 were capable of supporting the Gear smartwatch. The Note 2 is amongst eight devices that will be able to pair with the wearable once the update rollout is complete.

GalaxyS3 Note2
The Note 2 will get the same improvements as the S3, plus more S Pen support. / © AndroidPIT

The 4.3 update, with a firmware number of N7100XXUEMJ9, has an October 31st build date and has already appeared on some devices taken into Samsung service centers. There is no word yet as to what other features the update will bring to the year-old Note 2, but the same general improvements felt on the S3 will be found on the Note 2, along with added S Pen functionality. We'll share the full feature list as soon as the update goes OTA and we can test it.

Do you have a Galaxy Note 2? Will you still consider a Note 3 once the 4.3 update arrives on your Note 2?

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  • T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 4.3 Update is now OTA

  • I updated In 4.3 BT don't as noted view like air touch

  • It looks like with all the 4.3 update problems on the S3 and S4, that the Note 2 rollout has been delayed. The almost-final firmware has been leaked though, so that would normally indicate the OTA release will happen in a couple of days, but considering Samsung has put a stop to the 4.3 update for S3 they may have pulled the Note 2 as well to make sure it's ok before it goes out.

    In any case, my advice is not to install straight away but to check around on the web first and see what the comments are like from those that do install it immediately. Make sure it's stable and performance is good before you rush to get it on your Note 2, or you may be wishing you hadn't been so hasty.

  • or it will be updated in 4.4 or not

  • I have note 2 android 4.1.2 plz tell me when I got update on 4.3

  • Kannan Nov 12, 2013 Link to comment

    Dear Kris Carlon, thanks for ur reply. im saying NOTE2 4.3 updates. everyday I'm clicking on the "SOFTWARE UPDATE-UPDATES" but no.as u mentioned I will wait for the OTA updates. thanks kris

  • That is a question better left to next year @Harry! There's no word on when version 5.0 will even be announced, let alone released (although it will probably debut at Google I/O next year) and a lot depends on how the 4.4 rollout goes and what Google's plans are for getting older devices on the newest version (which is supposed to solve the OS fragmentation issue)

    • @Kris Carlon and thats even if 5.0 is next. If Google carry on the way they are it will be 4.5 KitKat next year, then 4.6 KitKat and then 4.7 (lets call it lemon merrangue pie).
      Version 5 might be 6 years away. I love my GN2 but updates are an issue. I have asked 5 service centres in the uk as well and no 4.3

  • I am anxiously waiting for 4.3 for my Note 2 on TMo.It's been long deserving for a already awesome device and line but...I WILL be getting the Note 3 when I pay off the EIP and pass this down to my nephew so he can enjoy what it feels to have a Note.I already gave him my GS3 on TMobile but I know he'll love this. I'll worry about the watch later

  • I've held my Note 2 for nearly 6 months. only seeing one minor update the entire year I've been introduced to the device. I played with the Note 3, but I can't see the need for the update. especially with the gear holding such a heavy pricetag. only reason I feel I may upgrade to the Note 3 is to simply boost my gaming capabilities. all in all, comparing the two devices, I don't think its that much of a big deal. Even lacking the 4.3 update, the Note 2 does fine. eh, I guess its just not samsungs year.

  • do anyone has a idea if the GalaxyNote2 will be getting android 5.0?

  • I do mean the Note 2 in the first sentence, meaning I won't be upgrading devices. I've had the Note 2 since its release and love it, just not the lack of love it has received in terms of updates. I mean come on, 4.1.2 for one of the most popular Samsung devices?

    • Ah, gotcha. You're absolutely right though. The number of times I've heard people say they won't be buying another Samsung due to the ridiculous lack of updating of devices (including flagships like the Note 2 for an entire YEAR) is something Samsung really needs to be listening to. Instead of making yet another model of a phone or tablet they should put some of those techs to work keeping their existing customers happy with timely updates.

  • Hi @Kannan, if you're dying to get the update you could visit a service center and ask them (or call first to see if they can install for you if you go in), but the official OTA/Kies update will be happening very soon in which case you don't have to do anything (other than feverishly clicking System Updates in your Settings all the time (like I'm doing on my Nexus 4 for 4.4!).

    @kirkevonphilly, do you mean the Note 2 in your first sentence? I'm confused, the Note 3 is already running 4.3 and will be one of the first devices to bump to 4.4. And if you have a Note 2, then you'll be getting the update in the near future. Samsung has said they will make a KitKat update announcement ''in due course''. so hope is not lost for a 4.4/Note 3 release date.

  • No chance of an upgrade to the Note 3 for me. Can't shake the feeling of being slighted by the lack of updates and to the Note 2 for a year plus and the convenient timing of the 4.3 delays. Who's not to say the Note 3 won't be stuck on 4.3/4.4 for the same duration.

  • Kannan Nov 11, 2013 Link to comment

    is that the carrier will update or I want to do anything to update my note 2 to get 4.3 jelly.plz help me I don't know wht I want to do to check the new upgrade.

  • Kannan Nov 11, 2013 Link to comment

    waiting for the 4.3

  • Looking forward to update my Note 2

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