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Galaxy Note 2 with Genius Stylus, Larger Screen and Android Jelly Bean
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Samsung Galaxy Hardware 2 min read 6 comments

Galaxy Note 2 with Genius Stylus, Larger Screen and Android Jelly Bean

Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 has just been announced and it looks to be a very worthy successor to the first Galaxy Note. The new device has a larger screen, a better battery, a smarter stylus, a faster processor and better S-Note functionality. So far, we're very impressed.

Pretty much everything has been improved on this phone. The Galaxy Note 2 packs a larger 5.5-inch, 1280 x 720p display, a quad-core 1.6 GHz Exynos chipset, which is even faster than the one in the Galaxy S3, and Android Jelly Bean standard. The device is now thinner, as well –9.4mm instead of 9.7mm on the old Note.

The stylus has also been upgraded, and is now almost 3/4 the length of the device, making it easier to tap on the screen without your palms messing up the commands. It's also been rubberized at the tip to give it a more pen-like friction on screen.

The S-Pen functions on this device are even more amazing now. The device is aware of the fact that the S-Pen has been removed, which can trigger an app, so that the second you pull out your S-Pen, the S-Note application is launched. The device will even let you know if your S-Pen has left the building, so you never lose it for long. It can even activate functions when hovered above the screen.

A few UI upgrades: S-Note can also be run on top of other apps as a resizeable window. Pop-up videos work the same.

Other than that, the phone's also got a larger 3,100 mAh battery. It'll be available in 3G and 4G LTE.

A few things are still the same, including the 8MP camera, which still offers 1080p video recording. Pressure sensitivity is the same as the original note. Other than that, we're looking at a complete makeover.

Samsung hasn't given us much of a clue as to when or where the device will be available oither than that it will be available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East by October, and the US by the end of the year.


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  • There is a newly designed pouch bag which has a strapon for the thigh
    and a waist strap.Its an awesome looking pouch which is waterproof
    and would serve carrying the note or any other mobile devices in its huge
    compartments.Goes well with jeans and sleek thighs.

  • All my friends think my Galaxy SII is huge. I guess they've never seen the Note. I like the phone and the S-Pen and the S-Note app sounds pretty good but the phone is too big for me. I don't carry a bag or a purse or a backpack so my phone is always in my front pocket. Sometimes I even have trouble fitting my current phone is my jeans' pockets, let alone a Galaxy Note 2 :(

  • I have an original galaxy note and I just laugh at people who make fun of the size... I love everything about it and just wish I could learn how to use all of the available features. The a pen is a handy feature but I don't like the ability for it to be recognized while hovering above the screen, which became available after the ice cream sandwich upgrade, so I turned it off. I have an excellent ear piece that plays media and that basically gives me a pocket PC that answers the phone.

  • And what about the video editing features.Is it still there as in
    first version? Many seem to forget of this feature.Even in GSMarena's
    site there is no mention about this in specifications.Very odd.

  • After 3 different Android products you could call me unimpressed. Still gotta try this one though. That screen is HUGE and I'm hoping it's got similar functions to the S3.

  • this is nice, bigger screen BUT 267ppi vs 285ppi on the previous Note (based on my calculation) , which is not a big deal for me hehe