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Galaxy Note 2 Update Affects Battery Life?

Software updates, especially official ones, are meant to bring progress and improvement to your smartphone or tablet, but it seems that the latest update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has proven to be a bitter pill for some users who reported an adverse effect on the battery life of their 5.5” phablet. In fact, some long time Android users who installed the update saw their Galaxy Note 2’s battery life drop to just 10% after a dozen hours of regular use, which is certainly abnormal.


This is not to say that the latest software update is guaranteed to play havoc on your Galaxy Note 2’s battery life, as others did not report such incidents, while other users have commented that battery life have been nothing short of exceptional.

Basically, the software update involved was the one which was released for the international model of the Galaxy Note 2 earlier this month which claimed to fix the Exynos memory bug while introducing its fair share of other changes. Once the update is complete, some users reported getting an hour less of active use compared to before.

There were some theories bandied about as to the reason for the battery performing strangely, including the phablet’s MediaScannerService being the culprit, but no concrete proof has been presented just yet. For those who have already upgraded your international Galaxy Note 2, are you affected by the alleged battery life issues?


Source: SamMobile


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  • I have had my 4.3 update over the air and I am seeing a few issues including poor battery life. The phone is constantly coming out of sleep state which maybe a factor. Has anyone tried the factory reset and restore and seen any improvement? I am thinking of doing this after rooting my phone as I think I can get an enhanced backup / restore using MyBackupPro.

  • I have been facing the same issue, as you have rightly pointed out. My phone is not rooted, its the international version and I did the official samsung update over the air. Since then the phone charging has been extremely slow and the battery performance has gone down by about 25%.
    I have been waiting for an update by Samsung expecting they would fix the issue, but the recent updates dint fix it and the issue still persists.
    Any pointers you could provide to get this resolved would be a big help !

  • The media scanner is my guess. I flashed custom ROMs several times in the last couple weeks and every time after a flash the media scanner would run for hours, using 38-42% of my battery the first day with the new rom, regardless of which ROM. Some were based on ICS 4.04, some Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and some AOSP.
    My suggestion for people flashing a new ROM, whether it is stock or custom, is to leave the device charging after the flash and during personalization and setup, and for serveral hours afterwards, with any CPU governor maxxed out, get it done and then start evaluation after the heavy battery use during setup is over.
    Most people who flash frequently (from what I read) evaluate a new ROM over the course of a week to see how it handles, reviews after a day of use are really not accurate.

  • That's not too far fetched. When my Galaxy S2 was still not rooted, it got an official update from Samsung which made the phone reboot several times per minute (I'm not joking) when a microSD card was inserted. The only solution was to stop using a microSD card and that's what I did. The issue took months to be fixed via another update.