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Half a million Note 7 replacements arrive in the US
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Half a million Note 7 replacements arrive in the US

Samsung has announced the delivery of 500,000 Galaxy Note 7 units in the US, a week after the voluntary recall of the faulty devices. The replacement Note 7s will be available in stores and from carriers starting today, allowing consumers to begin exchanging their handsets.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 safety recall page outlines the details of the exchange program, which states that users can swap the Note 7 for a replacement model, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, or a simple refund. Additionally, any customer who replaces the Note 7 will receive a $25 gift card, in-store credit or something similar.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy note 7 review 7515
The Note 7 is now being recalled in the US. / © AndroidPIT

This comes after recalls were announced in other regions, with about 1 million devices covered by the recall in the US, a course of action was sparked when it came to light that the Note 7's battery was faulty and, in the worst cases, would overheat and explode.

The new Note 7 units come with a small visual modification to allow consumers to differentiate between the new devices with the old faulty ones. The battery indicator at the top-right corner of the home screen is now green instead of gray. If you own a Note 7 that does not display a green battery indicator, you must stop using your device and exchange it through the exchange program.

What do you think of the US recall of the Note 7? Should Samsung have acted faster? Let us know in the comments. 


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  • Scott Adam Gordon is best Tech writer and it is true that Note 7's battery had issue of overheating.

  • I am surprised that Android Pit hasn't reported anywhere, that I've seen anyway, the findings the guys at XDA published about the Note 7. They said that on paper the note 7 is the most advanced phone made to date but when they benchmarked all the major hardware item that one would benchmark the note 7 came in last place across the board.

  • Misha Sep 16, 2016 Link to comment

    Verizon stores still do not have any confirmation regarding the arrivals of new Note 7s. The stores will transfer your contacts to the new Note 7, but may not fully mirror your existing settings and apps via the Note 7 Smart Switch utility. Samsung continues to make announcements, but there is nothing actionable, apart from waiting for the next announcement. And Verizon continually reminds you that you can trade your Note 7 for one of the other Galaxy 7 models, the very ones you passed on while waiting for the Note 7. The Samsung site enabling you to type your IMEI number to see if your phone is affected is back up and running. My suspicion is that any of the Note 7s shipped to date will turn up as "positive,"

  • I would correct your title, Recalling possible defective phones. Most if not all, aren't like mine.
    Samsung is doing what their Lawyers advise then to do and I'm very happy they are. Most amazing phone on the market Props to Samsung.

  • I have one and got it day 1. I think although unfortunate they are doing the right thing. Didnt make excuses. Quickly are rectifying the situation and offering alternatives. they could have taken the route of making excuses.